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  1. Donation help!!!!

    I'm sorry, spaced it out. I am in McCook Nebraska.
  2. Donation help!!!!

    Hello everyone, I have been asked to teach a group of kids at my local high school ( in McCook Nebraska), in a 2 day only intro to leather. I will guide the kids into making some simple items like coasters. Since this is all donated time, I must supply the kids with all the tools to achieve an end product. I am donating the use of what tools and mallets/mauls i have, as well as leather. I am reaching out to all of you in Hope someone might be gracious enough to donate some beveling tools and mallets. Anything helps, thank you in advance!!
  3. Staining/antiquing techniques

    I only use Tan Kote to finish
  4. Staining/antiquing techniques

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and advice. I do like the way this antique works. Ill maybe try mixing colors a bit to add some additional variety. What I have found that works for me with this antique: after my leather is tooled, I apply one coat of mink oil, let it dry typically overnight. Then I will apply the antique with a sponge in circular motions, let it stand for a couple minutes then wipe off excess with an old tshirt. From here I will let things dry overnight depending on how it looks I'll give it another coat or two until I'm happy with it. Ive always had trouble applying my tan kote, it always washed the antique out and made things look plain and boring. I've found that if you apply one small coat of mink oil with sheep wool then let it dry for a bit before applying the tan kote, seems to not pull as much antique up. Hope this might be of help for anyone working with antique paste!
  5. Hello everyone I am trying to step out of my comfort zone lately. Getting more and more orders for different colors. I have been using fiebings antique paste for several years and have really gotten accustomed to using it. I would however like to try some other products out there to add variety to my work. Attached I have a picture of how the antique looks on my work. Would like similar results. Thanks in advance!
  6. Tooling detailed animals

    Hello everyone, I have a customer that has requested a detailed labrador tooled into the cover of a leather book I'm making. I haven't really gotten into anything super detailed up to this point but would like to attempt this. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  7. Attachment

    I have a cowboy 3200. I am wondering there are any attachments for it like what I have pictured. Looks like just a guide rod thing.
  8. Techsew 3650 feed dog question

    Great, thank you for the words!
  9. Techsew 3650 feed dog question

    The CBS 3200 was my next choice. I will be sewing items such as breast collars, spur straps, photo albums, chaps, wallets, belts, etc. It seems like having a cylinder arm would help me maneuver better? For the items such as spur straps and breast collars that will see a lot of wear, I would like something that can sew a heavier thread.
  10. Techsew 3650 feed dog question

    To avoid all these issues, would you reccomend a comparable model around the same price point ( 1300-1600)?
  11. Hello everyone, I am still trying to decide on a sewing machine within my budget. It seems like the techsew 3650 is going to be a good fit for me. Although, while reading some reviews, people are saying the feed dog really ruins the underside of the leather when sewing. I'm very green when it comes to these machines so if anyone has some advice I would be grateful! Is there a replacement part I can purchase to keep the under side flawless same as the top as I use backing leather on everything I make. Thank you!
  12. Singer 31-15 or Nakajima TDU-N62

    Thank you for all the advice. I believe I'm going to be better off long term getting one that can handle larger projects. Is there a good list of machines to look for on here or a place I can look at used machines?
  13. Singer 31-15 or Nakajima TDU-N62

    Thank you Wizcraft. I am very new to sewing machines so itll be a learning experience. I am leaning towards the nikajima, would this be a good first buy for 350? I hand sew everything right now with nylon waxed thread. Obviously sewing machine thread is quite a bit thinner. Since I dont know much about it, what is the average store bought belt stitched with, #69? I would still like a little more full thread look if possible.
  14. Hello everyone, I have run across both the singer 31-15 and the Nakajima TDU-N62. Sounds like they both run and are in decent condition. I am looking for a machine to start on. I mostly sew between 8 oz and 16 oz of leather. Will either of these machines do the job? And are they worth $350? Both come with a table and motor mounted underneath. Pictures attached
  15. Type of stamp/tooled used

    Hello everyone, I am trying to find out where I can get a couple of stamps being used in these two pictures. The first picture I am wanting the circle stamps of different sizes. On the second picture I'd like to find a flower center like this one. Thank you!