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  1. Very nice work! As well, nice photography!
  2. Juki 1508 leather tips

    Call Bob at Toledo Sewing he will set you up ..... http://www.tolindsewmach.com/
  3. Juki 1508 leather tips

    Medion...... I do have the smooth presser door and walking foot as well. I do recommend you get those, or sand/carefully grind what you have. They are relatively inexpensive from Toledo Sewing. Even so, you still may get some foot marks, but in my experience, nothing that a bone creaser can’t smooth out. Keep messing with your foot pressure.
  4. Juki 1508 leather tips

    I have the exact model Juki, and sew everything from wallets & belts to chaps, chinks, and Dopp kits. I also go from waxed canvas to leather with minor adjustments. 92 thread is what I use most for wallets, but it is easy to go from 92-138 thread. As you know, you’ve got a great machine there. Get needles from Bob at Toledo ..... good luck!
  5. Western Chaps

    Nice work!!
  6. Dopp Kits

    Here is a pic of the inside ..... we can get too caught up with the lining and waterproof and spills. At the end of the day, it’s “patina”...... and the “spill” or small stain, may have a memory involved.... just my $.02
  7. Dopp Kits

    Approximately 10”x6”x6”
  8. Dopp Kits

    Thank you. It is machine stitched, and there is no lining ..... just the flesh side of the leather. I have in the past put on a bees wax conditioner on the flesh side to water/spill proof it somewhat. I’ll try to get a pic on the inside.
  9. I donated one of my Dopp kits to a charity auction, and subsequently received a few more requests ..... Veg-tan from Sepici Brothers (Turkey) ..... #10 YKK brass zipper ..... accent leather on the one is from The Hide House.
  10. Music bag

  11. Chinks .... Just off the bench

    Thanks .... And yes, funny you mention the fringe .... That was one of my mistakes .... I caught myself on the first leg making the angle mistake ..... The other leg worked out fine and looks as it should .....
  12. Hello All .... Haven't posted in a while, but things slowed down enough here that I was able to get a pair of chinks off the bench .... Basic, sand bullhide, with the same dyed for the yoke, side panel, and leg stiffener. stainless steel conchos and buckles. First pair, so there are a few mistakes, but that is what how one learns ..... pattern based off Cow Camp Saddlery, and a few pairs of my cowboy friends ..... Happy Thanksgiving to all .....Don
  13. Juki 1508NH Bobbin tension

    Thank you Uwe!
  14. Hello All ..... I recently acquired a Juki 1508NH ..... It has the top load bobbin, and my question is .... Can you adjust the bobbin tension, like you can on a side load bobbin with the bobbin case. Thanks.