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  1. Chinks .... Just off the bench

    Thanks .... And yes, funny you mention the fringe .... That was one of my mistakes .... I caught myself on the first leg making the angle mistake ..... The other leg worked out fine and looks as it should .....
  2. Hello All .... Haven't posted in a while, but things slowed down enough here that I was able to get a pair of chinks off the bench .... Basic, sand bullhide, with the same dyed for the yoke, side panel, and leg stiffener. stainless steel conchos and buckles. First pair, so there are a few mistakes, but that is what how one learns ..... pattern based off Cow Camp Saddlery, and a few pairs of my cowboy friends ..... Happy Thanksgiving to all .....Don
  3. Juki 1508NH Bobbin tension

    Thank you Uwe!
  4. Hello All ..... I recently acquired a Juki 1508NH ..... It has the top load bobbin, and my question is .... Can you adjust the bobbin tension, like you can on a side load bobbin with the bobbin case. Thanks.
  5. Had an order for 3 tall bi-folds that I thought I would show here, plus I am also messing with some different photo editing software...........Blue french veg-tan .... Black Horween chromexcel horsefront .... Brown Horween chromexcel horsefront....all with pigskin lining and sewn on my Ferdco 206 HL with 92 bonded polyester thread. This pattern comes from Make-Supply.Thanks for looking..........Don
  6. Stamp "tool roll" question

    Hello All ... I make tool rolls for chisels, wrenches, etc and I have a tool roll question re. stamps.......If I were to make a tool roll to hold some leatherwork stamps, how many stamps should it hold? My leatherworking stamps never leave my shop, but I guess there are leather workers that take their stamps elsewhere to work.....or might just want a tool roll to house them. Thanks for any and all advice.........Don
  7. Natural Beeswax ... the last for this year

    All spoken for ......
  8. Natural Beeswax ... the last for this year

    "A - C - D" are gone... "B" still available.....
  9. Hello All ...... Natural beeswax chunks from the beekeeper who has bees on our ranch......I use it on a regular basis for burnishing and it works great. A & B are 15-16 ounces ........... C & D are 8-9 ounces.......A & B .... $15 C & D ..... $10 Price includes shipping. Paypal is best ...... Probably the last bit of beeswax you'll need for a while.
  10. More than anything I wanted to put a shout out to MudBugWill for this leather....received some of his Italian veg tan in navy blue. Beautiful stuff! With it I made a wallet that is based on a design from Makesupply. It is supposed to be a six pockets....I made it with only four pockets vs. the six in the original design.
  11. Latest off the bench....Spur Straps

    Thanks....and yes, they are Horse Shoe brand.
  12. Some Items I've Made Lately

    Nice work.....you've been busy!
  13. Had some time to get these done, now that the busy season is over on the ranch....a set of ladies spur straps.....veg tan from Hide House Napa......basketweave....Jeremiah Watt buckles.....pretty basic but very functional. Thanks for looking and comments welcome.
  14. boots again

    Being a rancher, and a boot wearer.....those are fantastic, especially the ropers!