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  1. Dopp Kit w/a Western Flair

    Thank you both ...... I’d never made one with a basketweave accent piece, so wasn’t sure how it would look in the end.
  2. Dopp Kit w/a Western Flair

    Had an order to make a Dopp Kit with a Western theme .....I used Bison, with a hand stamped basketweave accent.
  3. Plain ol wallet luxury leather

    Very, very nice ..... you may say simple, but I know for a fact, much more than simple! I’ve used those leathers and they are a joy to work with ....
  4. Ladies' Card Wallet

  5. Custom Guitar Strap

    Thanks .... it is a leather called “Aztec” from The Hide House in Napa. I believe this was the Cognac. It is not lined, stitching is decorative.
  6. Custom Guitar Strap

    Thank you .... it is a nice leather from The Hide House ....
  7. Shave Kit

    Very nice!
  8. Custom Guitar Strap

    Thank you.....I agree ..... most of the ones I’ve made for customers who know exactly what they want, opt for a custom measured strap .... the ones customers buy for gifts, buy the adjustable.
  9. Custom Guitar Strap

    bdpeters ..... thank you! YinTx ..... not lined, edge painted, machine stitched with royal blue 138 poly thread simply for accent.
  10. Custom Guitar Strap

    Hello All .... I made a custom guitar strap for a musician that I met in Napa this past fall .... 53”-55”.... Simple design .....
  11. My latest belt

    Nice nice nice! Did you freehand the initials?
  12. Passport Wallet

    Thank you ...... I’ve not made a notebook before, but just figure it would be an adjustment on the size.