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  1. Additionally you can get help with google search simply by going to google.com and typing in "help" or "search help". Information on searching a site in depth is there if you care to read it. rick
  2. Really nice. Makes me very envious. rick
  3. PM sent
  4. My gears seem to be rusty. ;-) rick
  5. You might check out S&D Trading Company in Lubbock. Decent stock and the owner always seems eager to please his customers. I have never had a problem with them but I always pick out what I want and take it with me when i leave. They are located at 4310 34th st. 806-795-6062. From experience i do know that he always tries to beat Tandys prices. rick
  6. Here is a source that might be suitable https://hardwareelf.com/catalog/zippers/2_way-zippers.aspx#f=&p=1&s= Good Luck rick
  7. Here is another tool that you can use to bend up a hammer loop. I have used one for years and what you are needing would not be difficult do make. http://www.leevalley.com/us/wood/page.aspx?p=32012&cat=1,43456,43407 Consider making a small loop with this fixture at the end of the wire to give a place for a rivet. Should be very easy to form. hope this may be of some help rick
  8. OK, virgin here when it comes to making holsters so someone please educate me. What is a 50/50 pancake holster? This term is used often here but I am not able to find an explanation of what it is. While I think that I know what is being discussed it would sure be nice to really understand. Why is it a crappy design?
  9. What is the name of the hardware (the post with the ring) you used? I want to order some but am not sure what item to search for. Thanks rick
  10. Not saying that you are wrong, but you most probably are getting a wire edge and knocking it off before you realize it. With practice you can feel the wire edge - use you fingernail and feel the edge of the blade. Be sure to try both sides of the blade, remember that edge moves from one side of the blade to the other side. It will be opposite to the side of the blade that is in contact with the stone. A good way to tell if there is a wire edge is to try to shave slivers from a sheet of paper. When you have removed the wire edge you will be able to shave tiny slivers from the paper with ease, the blade on a sharp well polished blade will easily cut through a sheet of paper without any kind of a sawing motion,. If a wire edge still exists on the blade then the slivers will be ragged and it will seem like the blade is wandering as you try to shave the sliver from the paper. If you have the edge removed you can push the blade through the paper without using a sawing motion. If the edge hasnt been removed you probably will have to resort to a sawing motion to cut a sliver off of the paper. Of course this is based on my experience and your may differ. Hope this helps a little. rick
  11. Belts are really nice, good work. rick
  12. What does the word stifking mean? I am unfamiliar with that one. Thanks rick
  13. That is a whole lot better than anything that I did when i was a beginner. Keep at it, experience will fix everything that I could point out. rick
  14. Where did you find black rings? rick
  15. Weight? Do you want $150 each or for both? rick