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  1. James1983

    DVD's on Plaiting for Whips

    Does anyone know of good detailed dvd's on plaiting for whips and round braids with knots? I was hoping to find copies of Bernies dvd's (em brand whips) is there are any still in circulation? I already own marlinespike knot works dvds, looking for more in plaiting specifically.
  2. I recently bought a splitter off the tandy outlet supply site, req $899 got it for around $250. Every time I got to split leather it carves out the centre of my piece and the outer edges are the thickness i wanted. I have tried in several locations across the 8" blade so I know its flat and not a bent blade. Has anyone had this happen to them, could it be my technique or did I buy a lemmon tool. I have posted some pics of the splitter and what its doing. Thank you for your assistance. James Newbie