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  1. 3" 1911 drone blue gun mold

    Looking for either a 1911 3" or Springfield EMP blue gun or drone of some sort. Thanks!
  2. Thanks. I imagine this has been hashed and rehashed from every angle imaginable. I appreciate the help.
  3. So, is this finish good for protecting the dye from rubbing off on clothes or is there a different sealing finish that works better for that? Still new to this and discovering the pitfalls of some of the readily available finishes at the store. Thanks.
  4. Holy crap! That's awesome work. I'm sure that will be a prized possession for a long time for your niece. I'm always so impressed with you people that do the tooling. I'm not sure that's ever in my future.
  5. Thank you. My wife has been knitting for years. It's nice to have a somewhat similar hobby I can work on in the evenings at the same time. The only problem I've had so far is being able to stop and go to bed. It's always, "I just need to finish this one little thing...and then I'll quit."
  6. Tote Bag

    Looks great! Can't let my wife see this. or it'll be my next project.
  7. I'm not sure this would be "showing off" after seeing much of the things produced by people in this forum, but here's my latest completed project. My daughters are big Harry Potter fans and I wanted to make them something out of leather for Christmas, as I've just gotten into this and enjoy it immensely. I came across the Midori Traveler's Notebook, which is nothing more than a piece of leather with a couple of elastic cords holding in small paper notebooks and keeping it closed. That led me to other notebook covers people had made and I thought that would make for a nice Christmas present, so I decided to make them Harry Potter themed notebook covers. I ordered a couple of Harry Potter sew-on patches (1 for Gryffindor and 1 for Ravenclaw...they had this "sorting hat" app that tests you and sorts you into your school houses...don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about), and I intended to adhere these patches to the covers. However, once I was done with the notebook covers, I just couldn't do it. They can use these things for almost forever and I didn't want some Harry Potter patch messing up the front. So, we bought a couple of Harry Potter wand pens to go with them and called it good. They're made with thin veg tan leather, stained and lined with suede.
  8. Hello From Oklahoma

    Hey y'all! I'm way down here in big Durant. I'm totally new to this too, but it is addicting. I've finished 3 holsters (pretty plain...they're in my picture) and I'm working on Holsters 4 & 5 right now as Christmas presents, then I've got a couple of friends, who are already lining up wanting something. Cheap for my friends, and good practice for me. My goal is not really to make any money doing this stuff, but it sure would be nice to have a self-funded hobby. I'm all in though. I've already put a deposit down on a Cowboy CB3200 sewing machine. Picking it up in a couple of weeks in Dallas. I figure it'll eventually pay for itself...maybe not soon, but some day.
  9. First 3 Holsters

    This is a pic of the 1st 3 holsters I ever made.