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  1. Hi Marcin, Apologies for the late reply. Will send you a PM. Greetings, Tom
  2. I ordered the Kyushin Elle nippers. Will comment once i get them.
  3. Thanks! that sounds like my set-up
  4. Thank you for your review! I am checking delivery every day for mine... but still "underway" as of 3 minutes ago. Just curious, what kind of leather (thickness) do you use? what kind of needles/thread?
  5. Good day all, Can anybody point me in the direction of suppliers of Latigo leather in Europe? The only one I seem to be able to find is Tandy and there the choice is limited to 1 type in burgandy. Hoping for some choices! Greetings, Tom
  6. Curious to find out what your experiences will be. I also am in the same situation and ordered 2 but mine were quite a bit more expensive.
  7. Good day all, I was wondering if anybody has contacts/pointers for a custom haberdashery maker? Looking to get "chicago screws" and "sam browne studs" made out of material not readily available. Feel free to PM me if you got any other questions. Greetings.
  8. Abbey England (UK based) or Boomsma (NLD) are the ones I use for my Chicago screws.
  9. Abbey is a great shop! They do have the "full" bras hardware where most of what I can find here in the Netherlands seems to be plated. When I created my account with them I just put in "lifestyle" and the next day I received confirmation of my account.
  10. +1 @shtoink for Inkscape Scribus is another cross platform vector based program that is available. Curious what you decided to go for.
  11. Thanks for sharing! Never easy to find patterns that are so clear and understandable!
  12. Thank you King's X and gmace99!
  13. Thanks @Joquarter I live in The Hague so I did find "de leerlooier" but they don't seem to have any equipment. Boomsma their website looks like a candy store Hoping to buy some tools this month and stort working on some more elaborate things.
  14. Thank you. I hope to be buying some tools the next month that should improve the quality of the work! That said, I am pretty satisfied with the result.
  15. While looking at some youtube clips I got fascinated by leatherwork. Only just beginning so no proper tools just yet. My first attempt at making something and not just using some scraps to practice: Note: Not my design. I found it on Pinterest/Etsy and now I can't find it again but credit where credit is due so this is not my design (if anybody knows the designer please let me know so I can give credit). Looking forward to diving deeper into the leatherwork and wouldn't mind getting into contact with fellow europeans regarding buying materials and leather as I noticed most of the users here are based in the US but shipping those does not seem realistic just yet.