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  1. Attempting to get more serious into garment manufacturing... In deconstructing a few bags, I’ve found most folded edges are skived and then glued to a shaped card stock. I want to make bags out of suede and lighter veg tan leather but I am unsure which skiving machine I should be looking at. I see a lot of manufacturers I’m inspired by using the old fortunas. Figured I’d turn to the forum to seek out advice on what I need to look for in a skiver for this type application.
  2. Snap Suppliers other than OTB?

    $12.50 to ship a few dozen sets of snaps from OTB??? Pretty insulting considering they fit into an envelope. I try and offer the lowest, if not FREE shipping when my customers buy from me. Guess that's lost on some companies. LINE 24 SNAPS WITH REASONABLE SHIPPING RATES? I'd go to Tandy but I need varying cap and post sizes.
  3. Thanks everyone, I literally just stuck a line 20 cap in the end of a little ryobi drill and spun it on a piece of sandpaper. Done!
  4. I want to learn how to do this. Apparently, Ship John grinds and polishes each one of their snaps/rivets but won't get into detail about how it's done. Any ideas?
  5. Clamping Jig?

    Does anyone use a clamping jig? I started lining projects but I stitch last. Clamping really helps to fuse the pieces together (especially the edge) so the project remains intact during sanding/edging/burnishing. Any advice on specific materials?
  6. My Chinese clone is still assembled with some Japanese parts. Nonetheless, Atlas Levy in Los Angeles, CA sells affordable parts for every type of sewing machine out there.
  7. Trimming Oversized Belt Lining

    My round knife was excellent but it’s grown dull and I’m inexperienced when it comes to sharpening... any advice/threads I should check out to get it back in action?
  8. Does anyone else try to avoid getting it on the back of their unlined projects? If so, what are your tricks?
  9. What is the best style knife/method when trimming oversized belt lining? (I'd like to use veg-tan of identical thickness as a liner)
  10. And Argentina. They also cost half of what american tanned hides cost. I can't afford american tanned leather.
  11. Cobra class 14 Leather splitter

    Don't have the cash flow for it right now but if it sticks around long enough I'll snatch it up and bring it up to Los Angeles
  12. ISO- used Cobra 14 Leather Splitter

    There’s one on Craigslist around Austin, TX. Wish I lived close enough to pick it up
  13. Band Knife vs Blade/Handcrank Splitters

    Something with the ability to recall a specific thickness would be ideal (Landis 30 style). I’d want it mainly for leveling out the thickness of my pieces. However, I do buy 5/6, 6/7 and 8/9 oz hides. It would Be a blessing to be able to purchase only 8/9 oz and split the piece down depending on the application. Lots of factors here but where I buy leather, the heavier weight hides get picked through a lot less (better hides to choose from) and they’re not that much more expensive.
  14. I want to run my cut patterns and straps through a splitter. Assuming the pieces aren’t too wide, will a cobra 14/artisan do this or will I need a Band Knife? I use Veg Tan only.
  15. Formed Calf Lace

    I use Tandy’s Premium Calf Lace. It is beveled, formed veg-tan calf lace that is light weight, extremely thin and fairly strong. I use it on ALL my lacing projects because when you’re looking at it vs. “Real Leather” brand, Tandy’s craftsman lace, etc. the others’ top grains get lost but the calf-lace keeps that continuity between itself and the top grain of the leather on your project. I don’t know if I’m describing it best so I will just tell that it looks WAY better. It’s sometimes cursed with bad splices and discoloration for being as expensive as it is but it’s great looking stuff on a nice project. I’ve never found beveled, formed lace like this before and I want to know where Tandy gets it or how it’s made so I can either make it or have it made for me in more colors. I use a lot of this stuff and even with Elite pricing it costs me $1.14/yrd