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  1. Where does Tandy’s leather come from?

    250-300/side?! ::raises eyebrows:: I had no idea their leather was so expensive. Regarding quality, do you still see brands, insect bites, stretch marks, etc.when sorting through hides? Are they “graded”at Weaver? If so, is that Hermann Oaks’ grade or Weavers grade?
  2. Where does Tandy’s leather come from?

    Tandy knows their leather can be subpar at times. Allegedly, they sometimes buy leftover stock from tannery’s at a discounted rate. At times, I’ve run into leather that, according to them, was not tanned properly/poorly. Once, I had an issue with extremely soft 6/7oz. veg tan and the rubber guards on my clicker press dies leaving artifacts on the leather. That being said, I just returned it no hassle. Their staff has always been amazing to me as a buyer. As stated above, my advice for buying with Tandy is only go for what’s on sale. If you need a steady supplier, I’d look for a retailer that gets their leather from the same tannery time and time again. You start to get used to how that leather stamps, dies, etc. And yes, their standard prices are astronomical!
  3. I just bought an Atlas Levy AT341(3341) today from Levy in person at their LA shop. He calibrated it for what I needed and sent me home with 10 10-packs of various needles and sizes, a dozen various presser feet, a dozen bobbins, he installed a roller guide, threw in all the little gadgets you need (sissors, ripper, awl, etc.) and delivered it to my shop. So yeah, that was my experience. Just said he was in a good mood today.
  4. Mansur Gavriel Manufacturing

    My coworker has one of the bucket bags. The lining feels almost felt-like. Very curious about who does it/how it is done.
  5. Mansur Gavriel Manufacturing

    Mostly interested in the sewing portion of the production. I was able to find more pictures. I’ve spotted flat, cylinder and post bed machines. They have a ton of designs but I’m most interested in the execution of bags like this:
  6. Thread dedicated to undercover the secrets behind their manufacturing:
  7. TECHSEW 85017 Post Bed Sewing Machine

    On this style bag in particular, I would hope to be able to sewing right around the guesst. With such a large post bed, I assume there would be enough clearance to make one pass. Do you not foresee that working?
  8. TECHSEW 85017 Post Bed Sewing Machine

    Primarily, 5/6 oz. veg tan or lower. Occasionally, 6/7 oz. Here’s some inspiration as to what I’m trying to accomplish with a post bed machine:
  9. Are there any other extra large post bed machines like this on the market? I’m a handbag maker and it seems this is my best bet. Just curious if there’s something a bit more affordable.
  10. I've been stamping leather coasters out of 8-9oz leather and every once and awhile one of the coasters comes out misshapen (looks oval). I've made dozens and so far it's only happened twice but I was wondering if there was something I could do to prevent it.
  11. Maybe then I could sharpen that Dixon plough gauge you sold me See you there Bruce!
  12. My wife and I are attending and want to soak up as much knowledge as possible. It seems like we’ll probably have to split off and each take separate workshops to really cover some ground.
  13. Adapting Floral Patterns for Your Projects Andrus TU 8 am - 12 pm $75 Advanced Hand Stitching: The Box Stitch Andrus TH 1 pm - 5 pm $75 All About Chaps! Smith TU 8 am - 5 pm $135 Antiquing, Dyeing & Finishing Park TH 9 am - 12 pm $75 Basic Hand Stitching Andrus TH 8 am - 12 pm $85 Belt Pattern Carving & Stamping Gould SA 8 am - 5 pm $150 Bindings & Turned Edges Park TU 7 pm - 10 pm $75 Braiding Personal Training - call 715-362-5393 to register Titus F 1 hr. classes $100 Burnishing Edges Demonstration Park TH 2 pm - 5 pm $75 Chap & Chink Making Klenda F 6 pm - 9:30 pm $75 Control & Refinement with the Swivel Knife Andrus TU 1 pm - 5 pm $80 Cowboy Action Gun Leather! Andre W-F 8 am - 5 pm $750 Cowboy Cuffs Smith W 8 am - 5 pm $135 Create & Inlay Beadwork into a Cuff Adair/Heizer TH 8 am - 5 pm $150 Create. Design. Do Business. Watt TH 6 pm - 9 pm $100 Creating Western Floral Designs Park TU 9 am - 5 pm $135 Cutting Leather to the Best Advantage Smith TH 6:30 pm - 9 pm $50 De-mystifying the Stitcher Andre F 6 pm - 9 pm $50 Desert Tortoise Beard W 9 am - 5 pm $135 Eagle Portrait Linnell F 8 am - 5 pm $135 Fearless Swivel Knife Use Linnell SA 1 pm - 5 pm $75 Finger Carving Demonstration Park W 7 pm - 10 pm $75 Floral Pattern Layout Gould F 8 am - 12 pm $75 Floral Stamping: Low Relief in Leather Andrus W 8 am - 5 pm $135 Ground Seat & Saddle Fit Up Gould SU 8 am - 12 pm $100 Integrated Carving Styles LaBarre F-SA 9 am - 5 pm $175 Intermediate Tooling Techniques Park W 9 am - 5 pm $135 Intro. to Leathercraft for Kids call 715-362-5393 to register Laier SA 9 am - 12 pm Free King of the Jungle Flanagan TH-F 8 - 5 & 8 - 12 $150 Leatherwork for Veterans call 715-362-5393 to register Reynolds SU 8 am - 12 pm Free Leatherwork Personal Training call 715-362-5393 to register Klenda SA 1 hr. each $100 Making Saddle Bags Klenda W-TH 8 am - 5 pm $320 On the Edge: The Necessary Fundamentals Zalesak TH 8 am - 5 pm $125 Pistol Caddy/Gun Rug LaBarre W-TH 9 am - 5 pm $250 Porter Style Flower Stamping Minster F 8 am - 5 pm $135 Porter’s Style for Covering Horns Minster SA 8 am - 5 pm $135 Precision Bar Grounding & Background Techniques Andre TH 6 pm - 10 pm $75 Pricing Your Work Brenner SA 8 am - 12 pm $80 Rose Notebook Cover Andre SA-SU 8 - 5 & 8 - 12 $295 Secrets of Plug Embossing Flanagan F 6 pm - 10 pm $75 Stamping Unique Geometric Designs King W 9 am - 5 pm $135 Swivel Knife Finesse Gould F 1 pm - 5 pm $75 The Elements of Western Saddle Fit Brenner SA 1 pm - 5 pm $80 The Wolf Flanagan W 1 pm - 5 pm $75