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  1. Chaps for my Dad

    Thank you! He does love them but he hasn't used them yet because he is afraid he will scratch them up.
  2. Chaps for my Dad

    Yes, still working on improving my drawings. I'm working on how to fill up the space a little better and keeping a better circular flow of the carving. Each one gets a little better...
  3. Chaps for my Dad

    Hey, Jeff! I was wondering where you were. Well the modern cowboy has to put his cell phone somewhere ya know. I use chaps almost every day and I have to say that I wish I made mine with pockets. I mean, I still can but I'm too lazy to make nice stuff for myself. Something tells me you've dyed background before... If I shut down my brain, listen to music, and just pretend that I LOVE dyeing the background I can get the job done. Oh, btw, I finished that gun belt for the holster I made a little while ago. Working on the pics now. Soon to be posted. Thanks! -Ryan
  4. Chaps for my Dad

    Thanks for the kind words, guys!
  5. Chaps for my Dad

    Thanks, Plinker!
  6. Saddle #4 - 3B Slick Fork

    Yes!!! And make them pay to have a look!
  7. Chaps for my Dad

    Hello all! My dad asked me to make him a pair of chaps. The deal was that he'd buy the materials and I'd do the work. Sorry, but that was a special deal for dad only. This took me about 40 hours to do. All of the pattern/design is my own work. Let me know what you think! I will post some pics of my dad wearing them soon. Thanks for looking! -Ryan
  8. harder than it looks

    So far so good. Keep us posted! ...and people wonder why tooled leather products are so "expensive". -Ryan
  9. Stingray Wallet

    Thank you! I bought it off a guy who had no use for it. I use super glue as well. $100 bill?! If only I had $100! I figured if I put a couple $100 bills in there it would make the wallet look cheap. Everyone would look at it and say, "What beautiful money!"
  10. Stingray Wallet

    Thank you! It's that bad?
  11. Stingray Wallet

    Ah, that white you see is the inside of the pigskin... Thanks for pointing that out I need to darken those spots. And yes, stingray is very troublesome! It's hard to cut it and those bumps break and shatter rather than leaving a clean edge. I think that's why most of the time you see stingray in an inlay without the edges showing.
  12. Stingray Wallet

    Thanks, Gary! Actually, it happened more than just there. Stingray is a pain to stitch because those little bumps are extremely hard so the needle of the machine couldn't always go exactly where I wanted it to. That's why I used the black thread so it wasn't as noticeable.
  13. Stingray Wallet

    Here is another wallet I just finished for my brother's 18th birthday (today). It is stingray and pigskin. Comments/critique are welcome. Thanks for looking! -Ryan
  14. what machine to buy

    Don't worry. I understand the gun thing. I didn't know a guy could have too many guns. Keep your guns and knives.
  15. what machine to buy

    You mean there's something my 4500 CAN'T do??? Am I missing out on something? Hey, if your machines work then more power to you... Are you sure you need ALL 7?