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  1. Oak Leaf Pattern

    Looking great! The stitching looks superb! What weight/kind of thread did you use? I can't wait to see the complete saddle! Keep us posted. Thanks for sharing, -Ryan
  2. sadlle restoration

    Hi, there! I am not a saddle maker (yet) but I can tell you that Barge Cement works very well for tack and saddles. Many saddle makers use it. You can find it at Tandy, Walmart, eBay, etc. Hope this helps! -Ryan
  3. Wedding Album/ State Fair Entry

    Wow! That looks great! How long did that take you from start to finish? Pardon this question, but why does it seem like it opens from left to right?
  4. I know this is an old post but I had the exact same results with my first pair of chinks. As Tom found out, I realized I was tightening the bottom straps too much. The top straps can go as tight as I want, the bottom straps must be loose, and the middle straps should be in between the two. After doing that I found that there wasn't too much leather in the back and the "winging-out" went away.
  5. 1/3 Scale Saddle.... What Do You Think

    Just don't do a lot of roping and the horn shouldn't break. Looks awesome!
  6. Small Ranch Saddle

    Looks great! I like how you did the Cheyenne roll in such a way that the stitching is further back so you don't feel it. Question: Where do you get your leather for saddles? I'm looking into making a saddle but am unsure about where to get good leather at a reasonable price. Thanks! -Ryan
  7. show saddle

    Very nice work! Is there a breast collar coming by any chance?
  8. Saddle sample

    Very cool! It's hard to tell the size until you see the last two pics. Take a pic of that saddle on a horse and label it "world's largest horse!"
  9. Purse for my mom

    Thanks! Glad I could inspire you! Thank you!
  10. Heraldic Shield (gilded)

    Very cool! How big is that?
  11. Purse for my mom

    Thank you!
  12. Purse for my mom

    Thanks! She loves it!
  13. Oak Leaf Pattern

    Tooling looks awesome! It has great depth to it! One thing you could do is take your beveler and go over the ridge made by the beveler the first time around to give it a smoother look (not a huge deal). The marks left by the pressure foot; was that because the leather was still wet or there was too much pressure from the foot or both? Don't mean to be picky here but did you miss beveling here? (No one would ever notice it anyways) Please post pics of the completed saddle! I'd love to see it! I'm going to build a saddle one of these days. Keep up the fantastic work! Respectively, -Ryan
  14. First Sheridan Drawing

    Thank you! This was just for practice but now I'm considering carving it out on leather just for fun and to see if it exposes any major mistakes.
  15. Hello, all! I am trying to draw my own patterns so my carving will custom fit on any project. Also, I want to learn how to draw my own patterns in order to be completely original. Here is my first attempt at drawing Sheridan free hand. I made the pattern up off the top of my head. Please feel free to critique.