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  1. 31 Pen Pouches

    I could probably sell that to someone as woolly mammoth. One customer asked if one of our dragon pens was made with real dragon scales... and he was serious. So my brother suggested that if someone asked what my hair-on leather was, I should tell him/her that it's baby dragon fur.
  2. 31 Pen Pouches

    For the past year or so my family has been trying to get a laser engraver for a lot of purposes (leather cutting being one). But they sure aren't cheap.
  3. 31 Pen Pouches

    @Tugadude @KingsCountyLeather Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it! -Ryan
  4. 31 Pen Pouches

    I cut a template out of cardboard but I will soon replace it with a laser cut acrylic template. Looking into the die although the clicker might be too much of an upgrade at the moment. Would a die and mallet work alright together or do you have to have a clicker press? Thanks, -Ryan
  5. 31 Pen Pouches

    Thanks! Yeah, I think I did something right... either the price or the pouch but either way I'm happy. For some of the most exotic pens we have, I will make some special pouches with exotic leathers. My brother is currently working on a mammoth tooth pen... too bad I don't have mammoth leather to go with it. -Ryan
  6. 31 Pen Pouches

    Thank you, Jeff! I'm glad to hear you like the pens! I will soon be making another batch of pen pouches and you can choose one for free to go with the ordered pen. Thanks again! -Ryan
  7. 31 Pen Pouches

    Thanks, guys! Thank you, sir. Yes, I am 16 and the entire purpose of my leatherwork, pen crafting, and dog breeding is for college funds. My oldest brother is 18 and in the second semester of his freshman year. -Ryan (aka Nate as on the website)
  8. Donation for shelter auction

    Someone is definitely going to grab that really fast. I also have a dog named Sadie... but I have 9 dogs so one might as well be named Sadie. Great work! -Ryan
  9. Western Bag for lady

    Very nice!
  10. 31 Pen Pouches

    I need to make a whole lot more. I made them last night and they all sold this morning. @garypl ...So yes, I'm getting that cookie-cutter.
  11. 31 Pen Pouches

    Thanks! That print stuff was kinda difficult to work with because it was pretty thin and my cb4500 is mainly for thicker leather but it worked out ok. Thanks, Gary! Yep, it sure did. I made a cardboard template for marking the leather so it would go faster but it still took longer. I cut them with shears (imagine the cramps) and I am convinced that if I want to do a lot more of these, I will just get a custom cookie cutter punch (sorry, I don't know what else to call them).
  12. Bull Rider Rodeo Chaps

    Looks awesome. Bull riding is my favorite sport to watch. If you can, I would love to see a pic of them in action. Thanks for sharing, -Ryan
  13. 31 Pen Pouches

    Thank you! Yes, sir. All machine stitched or it wouldn't have been worth the time. It took under 2 hours to do them all so it wasn't bad.
  14. 31 Pen Pouches

    Hello, everyone! I made some pen pouches for my brother to sell with his pens. If you would like to see his pens, go to The leather was from Tandy's oil-tanned and embossed remnants. Thanks for looking. -Ryan
  15. Cordless Impact/Drill Case

    I've heard about Bob Park's book. I think I'll get it now.