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  1. Another enveloped letter plate

    I like it! Not sure where I'd put it but it's really cool. I really like how the "D" at the end of the second "NEED" looks like the trigger guard. Was that intentional? Either way, it gives it a nice effect. Regards, -Ryan
  2. Really Stupid Basic Question on Leather Types

    Looks good! The stretch may be because of the location of that piece on the hide. For example, the belly will stretch a lot whereas straight down the spine won't stretch that much. But it could also be the weight, too. Anyways, I would go with a stretchier leather for a project like that because you can fit it well and when it dries it forms and tightens around the handle. Thanks for sharing! -Ryan
  3. Searching For Minimalist Wallet Pattern

    Here's one I made from four pieces of leather. Pretty simple. Don't know if that helps or not. -Ryan
  4. Hair-on Belt

    Thank you! I know what you mean. Every time I see something on the forum I really like, my list grows. For sure! Can't wait to see what you make!
  5. Hair-on Belt

  6. Hair-on Belt

    Thank you! This is my first hair-on product but I really liked it. I want to start doing a lot more with hair-on. When/if you make a hair-on belt, send me pics! I'd love to see it. I looked around on the forum for a while looking for hair-on belts but I never found one so I took the plunge by making one without asking someone for advice first. Thankfully it wasn't hard and there were no noticeable mistakes. Thank you!
  7. Hair-on Belt

    Hi Gary, Nope. I didn't use any special techniques for it. I just sewed it like anything else and didn't have any problems with cutting it or gluing it. However, I did learn that if you want the hair to hang over an edge, cut the hide hair down on carpet. I wanted both edges to look the same so I cut it on a board. Other than that, there wasn't anything tricky. Thanks! -Ryan
  8. Hair-on Belt

  9. Hair-on Belt

    Howdy! A friend of mine asked me to make a hair-on belt for her in exchange for a hair-on cowhide. This was a pretty good deal for both of us since the hide wasn't getting used in any way except for collecting dust in the shed. This is my first time doing anything with hair-on hide. Let me know what you think and critique is always welcome!
  10. Right to bear Arms new stamp

    All guns matter... but not all guns are created equal...
  11. Right to bear Arms new stamp

    That's so awesome!
  12. Made a Petal Lifter, Carved a Leaf!

    YinTix, Now that's what I call being creative! Great work and let me know when you come up with another way around buying expensive tools! I mean, a screwdriver?! Who'da thunk it? I wonder what my dad will say when he discovers a missing screwdriver from his toolbox... -Ryan
  13. latest roughout

    Thanks for the pic. Looks great! And that's a lot of stitching. What type of thread do you use and do you use the same thread for the cantel binding?
  14. latest roughout

    Very nice! Do you have any pics of the tooling on the horn cap?
  15. Double sided belt

    Ok. Thanks. 4 hours? Did you hand stitch the whole belt??