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  1. Sheridan tote bag

  2. Sheridan tote bag

    Hello all! Here is a leather tote bag I finished a while ago. The handles are an 8 strand round braid and the first thing I've braided. The leather is 8oz veg-tan with soft pigskin lining on the inside. The sheridan pattern is my own work. This is also my first time using a bar grounder in my carving. Let me know what you think! Critique welcome. -Ryan
  3. Snake Skin tanning

    Not sure yet but if I decide to I'll post them on the forum.
  4. JLS-Leather-stamps.jpg

    Very nice! I'll check it out.
  5. Snake Skin tanning

    I get a lot of rattlers on my property. I got 35-40 last year... I took over the outside freezer until mom told me to tan every hide in there... I ended up spending all day tanning 74 rattlers and 5 coyotes. I use the skins in my leather work and my brother makes pens out of them.
  6. How should I set stones in leather?

    Lol! I didn't know people did it that way until you posted. I thought I was just trying something out that might work. So I'll cut my holes smaller. Thanks for your help!
  7. How should I set stones in leather?

    Thanks! I kinda did that but it seems that I need to make my hole even smaller. Did you use any glue or are the stones held in by the leather alone?
  8. Hello! I am making some leather bracelets with turquoise stones set in them. What is a good method for setting stones in leather so that they will stay and not pop out over time? This first one is my experiment. I set it with barges cement but I'm afraid it will pop out over time. The stones are backed with some kind of epoxy. Any help is appreciated. (Pics coming soon) -Ryan
  9. first decorative stitching

    Well done! That's one special dog for sure. Is it lined?
  10. Beautiful! Love the orange flower center!
  11. Roper Wallet

    The saddle maker I am an apprentice for has a cobra machine. I've used it a bit and I like my cowboy better because of the tighter stitches and its ability to stitch thin leather. Thank you! I have already bumped into several folks who wanted to see my work and I could show them my wallet. Hi! They're all craftool or craftool pros. Not the best quality for sure but the crispness comes from when I stamp the leather after I get it wet. If you stamp right after you wet the leather it will look mushy and soft but if you wait until the leather returns to its natural color (or looks dry) the stamping will come out clean and crisp. Hope this helps. Thanks! That's how I sign my name so I just lightly signed the leather with a pencil and cut/beveled around the mark. -Ryan
  12. Santa Belt

    Hey! I made Santa a belt last year! How many does the guy need??
  13. Roper Wallet

    Thank you! Thanks, Jeff! It's a screw-back concho with two screws. 4500... Yep, all stitched by that machine. I'm surprised at how well it stitches thin leather. That inside flap is 3/4oz. -Ryan