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  1. MY Belt

    Hmmm... now there's an idea!
  2. MY Belt

    LOL! But you actually do have a point. I didn't even think of the wind. Wow, I really do have a lot to learn... I agree with your wife. You should always stick with the product made by the leatherworker you trust MOST. I'm glad she likes it!
  3. MY Belt

    Well with a belt that thick and a buckle that big... what could go wrong?
  4. MY Belt

    Thanks, @Jack1970 ! I laughed so hard when I saw that pic! I cut out a football-shape piece of cardstock and then traced the outline on the leather with my stitching awl. I don't think I could make it that nice without a line to follow. I'm kinda skinny so that buckle doesn't get in the way that much. Otherwise it'd be on the shelf. @Matt S Anything I wear gets beat up and abused so I'll probably end up driving fence posts with it anyways. -Ryan
  5. MY Belt

    Hahaha! Funny you say that. I was just talking to a friend and I told him it's a substitute for a trailer hitch. lol! Everyone needs this belt in the back of his truck so he's ready for anything. Thanks! -Ryan
  6. MY Belt

    Hello, guys! So as a leatherworker, I thought I should be wearing a belt that I made... so I made one my style... thick. I used two pieces of 9 oz leather at 1.5 inches wide... do the math and you get an 18 oz thick belt. I glued the flesh sides together and then stitched it up so I have the smooth on both sides. It's like lining it with itself. It should last the rest of my life as well as my future kids and grandkids and so forth. It will also make a very good spanking strap. (Note: I did not make my dad one.) Comments/critique welcome. Oh, and before you ask, no, I didn't win the buckle. Thanks for looking! -Ryan
  7. Rifle Sling!

    Ah, Thanks! I like it! Looks like you have a good eye for detail. -Ryan
  8. Leather Satchel

    Very stunning! I like the design and your stitching is fantastic as usual. My machine can't even stitch that good. Great job on it! -Ryan
  9. Rifle Sling!

    You've done it again, YinTx. Great work! I like that pattern on the BW stamp. Any chance we could get a close up of it? -Ryan
  10. My first Bronc noseband

    I can see Jacobs Crawley using the rainbow bronc halter. Looking good! -Ryan
  11. Sisters of the blade

    Like he said, great looking knives. If you ever feel like you have too many you can send some my way... lol -Ryan
  12. New handmade watch strap. How to call this leather?

    Not sure but do you know if it is oil-tanned? That's what it looks like to me but I haven't had enough experience to be sure. Good job on it, though! -Ryan
  13. WebSite

    Hey, it's not bad. Now I know where your profile picture came from. -Ryan
  14. How did you get into leather work?

    Thanks, Ferg! I agree most leather workers are there to help and I want to do the same. I appreciate your encouraging words. The credit for everything I am goes to God and my amazing parents. -Ryan
  15. How did you get into leather work?

    @bikermutt07 I'm sorry to hear about your son. Thank you for sharing your story and a pic of your first project. That sheath is way too cool to be a first project. You must be a natural. @Joseph1836 I wish I had 2k for leather spending right now. As soon as I make money it gets spent on more leather/tools. It's called "reinvesting," I think. @alpha2 I've seen some of your holsters and they're quite impressive. I hope I can continue leatherwork when I retire too. (Funny I say "when I retire." I need to get a job first. lol) @DJole Wow, you must have a ton of experience with leather! I saw your serpent box and I have to say I can understand why you won grand prize! It was incredible! Thanks for sharing your story. @nstarleather So you were basically born with the tools in your hand. That's great to see that you've been doing it all your life and still love it. @Handstitched Thanks for the heads up. I won't be a sheep shearer. To me, all of Australia is the "outback." ha, as soon as I read "G'day" I looked at your location and was like "yep, I thought so." I enjoyed your story, thanks for sharing! @Rockoboy It seems as though the popular first project right now is a knife sheath. Thanks for sharing and I'm sure your kids will catch onto leather soon. @JLSleather That is a good reason to get into leather craft. I liked your story it's a good one. I don't think there's any of us who haven't ruined a good amount of leather while learning. @JD62 Sorry to hear about your injury. But I'm glad to hear you are able to do leatherwork and that you enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your story and yes, I think it is a craft that is more than useful. Thank you all for contributing to this thread. I really enjoy every story! -Ryan