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  1. Working Chaps (Bison)

    Thanks Jeff! Thank you! The rings are for tying things to such as pigging strings. That way you can rope cattle without carrying your piggin string in your mouth. I have rings on my chaps and they come in real handy. Thanks. I've been doing leather work for about 2 years. Thanks! Thanks Monkey! Yeah, not the best stuff for wallets for sure! They're quite durable but at the same time comfortable because they are soft and have some stretch to it.
  2. Working Chaps (Bison)

    Lol that's me in those chaps. I'm a 30" waist and my friend is a 34" waist (they fit him perfectly). They are on the tightest holes on both sides and still barely fit around my waist. haha! Like I said in a previous response, the belt has already blended.
  3. Working Chaps (Bison)

    Lol. If I'm not doing school or riding a horse, I'm doing leather work. It's work I enjoy so I make as much time for it as I can.
  4. Working Chaps (Bison)

    Thanks Gary! It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to tool one yoke. Funny you noticed the belt. I hadn't oiled the belt and set it out in the sun like I did the yokes. So you can see the difference the sun does after you oil it. Anyways, it got oiled and sunned and matches the color very closely now. Thanks. I was wondering who would notice the initials first.
  5. Here's something fresh off the bench. These are bison leather shotgun chaps for a cowboy friend of mine. We were rounding up cattle in heavy thickets and he needed chaps badly. Our shirts keep getting torn but I don't think I can fix that. This leather is great working chap leather because it is very tough but supple enough to be comfortable but it is a little scarred. He was very pleased with them. Let me know what you think. Comments/critique welcome.
  6. Stunning work, there! Like biker and rocky said, not everyone is a bargain hunter. There's a lot of people looking for superb quality and will pay high dollar for it. I also think $150 is reasonable for your work. The saddle maker I work under charges very high prices for his work but he still has customers galore because he is known for his quality work. I'm still bad at pricing but I'll get there one day. I bumped into a leather worker at Tandy one day and we started talking about prices. He told me when pricing to never think "I'd never pay that much for that" because if everyone thought that then everyone would do leather work. -Ryan
  7. Help identify type of leather

    I would say it is chrome tanned as well. I made some stuff with chrome tanned leather and it has a strong BB glove smell also.
  8. Streaking dye

    You can dip-dye but that often uses a lot of dye which can get expensive. I had the same problem a year ago and this forum helped me fix it. Believe it or not, a cheap airbrush from Harbor Freight puts on the dye very evenly. That's what i would have used for what you are doing. For what you have already done, (if you have not already put the finish on) I would take a damp cloth and rub it in a circular pattern. That will help it blend in. The finish sometimes helps too. Apply neatsfoot and leave it in the sun until it turns the shade you want (10 hrs or so is usually long enough). The sun does miracles to leather color. I think it heats it up and helps the dye, oil, and finish blend evenly into the leather. However, for best results, it should be placed in the sun right after everything is applied. If it's already dry, another light coat of neatsfoot wouldn't hurt before placing it in the sun. Hope this helps. -Ryan
  9. Messenger bag

    Those must have been some really good courses because that is a very nice bag. Welcome to the forum!
  10. 380 iwb clip holster

    Nice work. Great stitching, too.
  11. Coffee Koozie!

    Wow. You guys are good at this.
  12. Coffee Koozie!

    I'm trying to think of a clever reply to this...
  13. Coffee Koozie!

    The raven says "caw" (thank you)