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  1. Spur Strap Question

    Hello. If his brand in a "B" and not a flipped "B" , then I would put the brand -- like it is ==> B -- on both straps. just my opinion
  2. Gift Ideas

    Whats about a hip flask? Costs about 4-5$ each and little scrap of leather. so long
  3. Best Place To Buy Skirting Leather

    Hi Anne best tanneries in austria and germany, imho : (guckst du hier:) oder oder you can also ask thomas posenanski from if they have any veg-tan leather... so long herbert
  4. Hi folks. I made spur straps with a concho on the outside. My problem now is, how to make the attachment for the spurs ?? Easy made straps have easy attachment ==> a hole and a little slit, thats it !! o) I have tried a tiny strap with a hole and slit and screwed this on the inner-side with the screw of the concho. Its looks terrible, because the whole spurstrap slip way too high on the boots shaft... o) next try: setting the tiny strap accentrically , but now the end of the spurstrap spreading out too much and this looks even worse at all ... any ideas are welcome ps: see the photos for details thanks herbert
  5. Manual For Adler 4 & 5

    Hallo du Da ich eine adler klasse 5 seit gestern habe, wäre so ein manual echt toll. Bitte sende mir eins an grayfish (at) pingi (dot) org. liebe grüsse aus österreich und danke von pegasus