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  1. Discontinued Craftaids for sale

    YinTx I received the craftaids I ordered from you today also. Excellent shape! Thanks for the prompt shipping!
  2. Leather Folding Chair

    Hi drzeller, I realized there was a wood support missing on the chair and I had the support made. Without the support the seat was only about 12 inches off the floor. Now the seat is at the proper height but the geometry of the back makes it a bit unstable. If you lean back the least bit the chair will tip over. I had to put it aside with the holidays approaching due to other leather items I was making for Christmas. I am going to bring to chair to a local wood worker to get his 2 cents before continuing. I think I can modify the chair frame to make it work then I will proceed with the leather. I have an idea to tool a wildlife scene on the back but I am pretty new to tooling so it will be a challenge. I have a friend who is an excellent leather tooler so I have him to give me some pointers along the way. I have to finish a few other projects so it may be a few weeks before I get back to the chair. I am also pretty good at procrastinating! Thanks for the interest, Tom
  3. A different sort of wallet

    The eye is recessed in the pigskin to make it look totally real! That is such a cool idea! And the pigskin looks like part of a face covering the eye. Very creative!
  4. Discontinued Craftaids for sale

    I would like to have 6578 and 6579. Contact me to let me know the total and how you want payment. Thanks, Tom
  5. Round Knife for sale

    If the knife is still available I will take it. PM sent
  6. Thanks for the responses. It was for sale at an online auction and I couldn't get in to see it first. Also I am just doing simple things and it probably would not get used. I saw it 2 days before the auction closing and didn't know enough about it before the auction closing. Sold for $60.00, yes SIXTY DOLLARS!
  7. Hello

    Lots of good advice here. I have been doing leather working for less than a year and although I wanted to start on a complicated project right out of the gate, I did a couple rounders and a coin purse first. It was a little frustrating doing easy projects but I learned a lot from them. Next I did a belt. No tooling, just a basic simple belt. I was so excited to have actually made something useful that I still wear that belt every day! I have made nicer belts since then but I proudly wear my first belt everyday! It reminds me of how I felt when it was done! Since then I have made a couple of archery arm guards, a few portfolios, and some tote bags. Now I am making my first wallet. It's like woodworking, probably better to make a cutting board before trying to make a china cabinet! Good luck to you and welcome to the wonderful world of leather!
  8. I am wondering if this clicker press can be used for leather working? I know nothing about them but see this item for sale and if possible would use for wallets and small pieces for bags, etc.
  9. Old tool repurposed into something useful

    Thanks, alpha2. It was a good exercise in sharpening!
  10. I got this at a consignment/resale/junk store for $1.00. It was full of tar, apparently used to clean other tools like a scraper. This was the second store I went to and decided I needed to leave with something. The blade tapers from a potentially sharp edge to 1/4" in the handle. I thought for a buck I would see if it could be cleaned up and used for skiving/cutting leather. I wish I took a 'before' picture. So after cleaning all the tar and gook off it I sharpened it. It actually works pretty well for careful skiving and cuts leather like a dream! Old tools are pretty cool! You may not know what it was intended for, or used for, but I think it is great to repurpose them and give them a new life!
  11. Thread getting dirty, how to avoid?

    Well, I am relatively new to leather work, and I'm sure others here will give good advice but I think if you punch the holes for sewing before you apply the dye you might be getting dye residue in the holes which is sticking to the thread. I imagine if you punch the holes after dyeing there may be original leather color visible so I'm not sure if this would work. Maybe try a scrap and punch holes after dyeing and see what happens to the thread color. Good luck!
  12. I am having problems resizing a picture but here is what I did. My terminology may not be accurate so bear with me. I wanted a zipper foot to allow me to stitch closer to the edge of the belt. I went to my local guy who I bought my Seiko, STH-8BLD-3 from and he took 2 standard 'lifting pressor foot' pieces and cut right side off one and left side off the other giving me basically a set of zipper pressor foot pieces. Using the left 'pressor foot' piece I can sew very close to the edge of the belt. I also got a basic edge guide from him that can be screwed to the base of the machine and adjusted. With this combination I can get as close to the belt edge as 1/8" which looks good on an 1 1/2" or 1 1/4" belt.
  13. Very nice belt! I thought of using deer hide for a liner but I thought it would be too light/soft, but yours looks great. Did you glue the deer hide to the face leather before sewing? Also, did you burnish the finished belt with the deer hide attached or use edge paint? Either way, very nice job!
  14. Christmas is coming

    Whatever he does, he will need a piece of granite or marble. They can be expensive. I stated leather working a little less than a year ago. I went to a local cabinet/countertop store and got a 1 foot square piece of marble for $10. It was a discontinued pattern sample. They also had smaller granite samples of discontinued product.
  15. Leather working tools assortment

    I am interested, how do I contact you?