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  1. New guy coming in from the cold...

    Hi Ray, I live in Milton, south of Madison. Kinda far from you. But, hopefully you can find either a community college that has leather working or maybe a local group, like the senior center, that offers something. And if they don't, no harm suggesting they look for a local guy to organize a leather working class. They are always looking for new activities. Maybe someone on this forum lives in your area and would like to get together with other leather workers to share ideas.
  2. I am making a tote bag also using Ian Atkinson's Build Along plan. I have made a few changes but pretty similar to yours. I really like how your bag turned out, nice contrasting colors. It looks like you stitched the handle on one side and not on the other side. Just wondering why you did that? Do the rivets alone supply enough strength? I have been trying to figure out a good closing mechanism and of course over thinking it. Your method of using a simple closure is perfect! Thanks for posting! I will post my bag when it is finished.
  3. New guy coming in from the cold...

    Welcome Ray, I have learned so much on this forum. Great people willing to help! I am from Wisconsin also. The local Senior Center has lots of things going on and there is an experienced leather worker who comes once a week to help anyone interested in learning leather work. He is a great guy. if you are retired, you might check to see if your community has a leather working group to join.
  4. Suggest a first project for a beginner

    You can look at Tandy online and order items to be shipped to you. An easy but useful item to make is a simple belt. You can order a belt blank & buckle from Tandy. There are several good youtube videos out there on simple belt making. I like Ian Atkinson's videos. You don't even need to dye your first belt. I used Neetsfoot oil from Tandy for my firstbelt. You will need to sew the buckle end or use rivets. To start with you can use a utility knife with new blades, a punch for the holes in the belt, a slicker stick to burnish the edges. rivets & rivet tool, skiving tool & blades, an edging tool, a nylon cutting board, piece of granite or marble. I got a 12" square of marble from a cabinet shop. It was a discontinued color and $10. I am probably forgetting something and others will give more advice but don't get carried away with tool many tools and finishes for your first project. Good luck and enjoy!
  5. Leather Scrap/Remnant Chicago

    I am not sure what suppliers are in Chicago area except Tandy has a store in Elgin. It is just minutes of the interstate. They usually have remnant packs of leather. They also can ship to you if you don't want to drive there.
  6. Alternatives to cardboard

    I have been using packaging tape, the clear tape you use when sealing up a box for shipping. I think it comes in 2' wide rolls. I just run as many strips as needed to cover the back of the piece I am tooling. Cover the back side while tooling and comes off pretty easy when you are done.
  7. holiday gift ideas

    I am in the same boat as you, Ragingstallion. I have a few ideas that I am going to do. Drink coaster set of 4, portfolio cover for common size paper (8 1/2 x 11, 5 x 7), dog leash, simple tote bag.
  8. Small Shoulder Bag

    Thanks, Grey Drakkon, I have not used that feature before but I will give it a try.
  9. Small Shoulder Bag

    Thanks, fredk, I will try the print shop in town and see if they can enlarge it.
  10. Small Shoulder Bag

    I have never made a bag and this pattern looks perfect for my first try at it. I see from Tom's post that the pattern is 36' " x 24". I don't have a plotter, just a basic printer. Just wondering what you all do to print the pattern out in full size with just a printer?
  11. Very nice job! I like the white leather because it is different from the usual dark colors, very classy! If you care to share, where did you get the pattern for the bag?
  12. Leather Folding Chair

    OK, bullmoosepaddles, if I make another one I will let you know
  13. Leather Folding Chair

    Well, chrisash, I have never been on a cruise so I had no idea what kind of chairs they use. I just may keep the leather as it is, not sure, but not in a hurry to discard it either. I assume the chairs on a ship use some other fabric that can stand up to the weather, but I see what you mean that someone copied the idea and used leather.
  14. Leather Folding Chair

    Thanks for the dye ideas, YinTx. It is definitely different from what I have seen. I thought if it turned out ok after adding the missing seat support, I might try to make one from scratch. My woodworking skills are a bit rusty but it would be a neat project. The large backrest would be a perfect place to try some really exotic tooling! I am new to leather tooling but what a great place to be creative and do some really great art!
  15. I purchased this leather folding chair today from on online ad. There is a wood seat support missing so the chair seat is low and looks like a kids chair. When I replace the wood seat support the chair will be the correct height and angle on the back will be better. There are no markings on the chair to indicate who made it. I am wondering if anyone has seen this type of chair? I bought it with the intention of replacing the leather. The marks on the back are not to bad but the seat looks like someone spilled a glass of wine or something to really stain the leather. I looks like the leather is Vegtan about 8 oz. I was wondering if any of you have cleaned leather and then re-stained the leather? Also wondering what type of leather would be good to use for the seat & back if I replace it?