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  1. Looking for help in identifying this Singer

    Thank you for these links - very helpful
  2. Looking for help in identifying this Singer

    Thank you so much for your speedy help! Doesn't look like this will help me with light leatherwork such as handbags. Seems to be primarily for lace. My search continues... Again many thanks for your help.
  3. Hello ! I'm new to this forum and have a machinery question that I'm hoping you can help me with...I have been contacted for potential purchase of this Singer sewing machine. I am told it is model #3139 - I have been trying to research it but can't seem to find any listing of a model 3139 anywhere on the internet. If anyone can help identify this machine and if you have any information on what type of work it would be best utilized for I would really appreciate it . I'm attaching photo - it is the front machine on butcher block table . Thank you -