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  1. could you recommend dyes (and techniques?) to achieve these colors for a motorcycle seat with veg tanned leather? Also if you know of a leather already in that color that might work well I'd be appreciate it!
  2. Leather strength for a given weight?

    Im curious about this as well would like to know how many pounds veg tanned 1” 6oz leather could hold on average. @doorty did you do any weight testing?
  3. Dye top of logo only

    whats a block dye technique?
  4. would it be pointless to put neatsfoot oil under or over snoseal since the point of snow seal is to seal the leather? or would the naatfoot still penetrate?
  5. Dye top of logo only

    Does this technique have a name and how do you achieve just getting dye on the top of the logo?
  6. posting photos on

    is there a way to embed photos using those free hosting sites like I wasn't successful/ dont see the little photo icon in the toolbar like other forums
  7. double cap rivet but flat and solid

    found these square ones, would be nice if both sides were square though
  8. double cap rivet but flat and solid

    thanks do you think I could like rivet them over some how or use a post of a double cap rivet to do the backside? I've tested Chicago screw in my application and they loosen over time and fall out from the rough conditions
  9. double cap rivet but flat and solid

    are these solid or normal style where the metal is folded? I want solid so I can cut off the edges and make square. maybe you could just make me some square double cap rivets??
  10. anyone know where to get some larger belt buckles in black?
  11. center of flap folding up

    what kind of stainless steel dimension are you talking like 1/8" x 1/2" x length of sheath? on the second time did you sew the goat skin to hide it? wonder if you could just use the snaps to sort of rivet it to the leather
  12. center of flap folding up

    When you're setting snaps do you try to line them up straight or do you move them around to adjust for stretching or things like this?
  13. center of flap folding up

    I had trouble posting photos with the limit so I linked these in the original post please take a look
  14. center of flap folding up

    I tried one wet mold and dry and they both seemed to fold up in the center. I think it may have to do with the top of the sheath being not perfectly flat but having a peak on the left side. how would you wet mold it to be fat like wet it and sandwich the front flap together? how I did it was wet the leather, put the saw inside of the leather and used chord to wrap and hold it shut I've never done this or heard of this being done could you explain? would I like fold over the front edge put some metal wire then sew it inside or something?
  15. any other active forums around leather working? I found sheath section to be pretty good