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  1. While still looking for good leathercraft tool shops I stumbled across artisanleather.co.uk - They seem to offer a wide range of tools, including Tandy's Craftool items. They also stock strap end punches that are half the price of others I have seen. Has anyone any experience of using tools from this supplier? It almost looks too good to be true... Thank you.
  2. Popped down to my local marble worktop workshop and was allowed to take a look in their skip. Two nice pieces of granite. Small one approx. 11" x 12". Larger piece approx. 12" x 21". I stuck some split leather on the back so I can place them on my worktop, or on top of each other, hopefully without scratching them. Saved me some money there!
  3. Beginner's Questions...Again

    I prefer using natural fibre cordage with my current projects, and would like to do so with leatherwork too. With the ditty bags and tool rolls that I make I use polished flax hemp, but this will be too thick for leatherwork, so I'll probably use linen. Does synthetic thread leave a nicer finish though, I wonder?
  4. Beginner's Questions...Again

    Quick question: large or small rawhide mallet? Is the large too large for everyday general stuff? Is the small too light for punching and stamping? Thanks!
  5. Beginner's Questions...Again

    Thank you all for the answers - there's a lot of info for me to take in and I'm slowly piecing together my starter kit. Great feedback. Matt S - Thanks for the compliment and the info on the other retailers. I don't sail but have an interest in nautical knotwork and related marlinspike seamanship. I'm a tree surgeon and a lot of what we use as tree climbers comes from (even tenuously) the time of tall ships. DJole - Thanks for the info. on Ian's vids. I have previously subscribed to his channel, but have yet to find the time to watch them all. I hope your trip to Wales was enjoyable!
  6. Beginner's Questions...Again

    Thank you all for taking the time to answer my questions so thoroughly. I appreciate the feedback.
  7. Beginner's Questions...Again

    Hello everyone I'm brand spanking new to leatherwork, having only ever made stuff (bags & tool rolls) out of canvas up until now. I'd like to progress into leather; making tool rolls and ditty bags to compliment my canvas ones. I'd also like to start making belts too. As with every other newbie I'm totally confused about the tools out there and what I need / don't need. I've read forum posts here, checked out websites and watched YouTube and have a rough idea of the basics. However, I also have a lot of questions and hope to find answer here. I understand the opinion of 'Buy The Best Tools You Can Afford', but I'm not 100% committed to the cause yet, so feel that shopping at Tandy here in the UK could be a good place to start. I read both good and bad things regarding Tandy, but to me the prices are affordable and the convenience of using one shop instead of sourcing tools from all over the world is preferable at this time. Am I making an error with this idea? I'm favouring the use of Tandy's Craftool Pro Stitching Chisels. I like the idea of punching neat, clean holes straight through the leather ready for stitching (and using a stitching awl for single holes in the corners). They had a favourable review from Armitage Leather so think they'll suit me just fine. My questions here are: If I use wing dividers to score a line in the leather do I really need a dedicated adjustable groover as well? Is it a handy enough tool to use elsewhere in projects? If I use a smooth-faced hammer / cobbler's hammer on the stitches afterwards do I need an overstitch wheel? Should I get a diamond awl as well? Just in case? I can't quite justify spending money of strap end punches, even though I can really see the benefit of them; quick, clean cuts every time! I'm thinking of using templates, just for now, instead. Would a head knife be the best choice in cutting the leather, or could I get away with a Stanley knife / box cutter? I think that's the main questions I have for now. Thanks for taking your time to read this far. All the best. Pic attached in the kind of thing I make now and would like to try in leather.