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  1. Singer "SV" machines

    Thank you for the comments, and the Manual. I agree that it is not rust. The flash actually makes it look worse. The top and bottom movement is actually quite free. Starting to look for parts. Today I acquired a beautiful Brother LS2-B837 to play with. Once again, Thank you!!! Stephen
  2. Singer "SV" machines

    Greetings all............... First I want to thank everyone here. Every time I search for any information, a link to pops up. So yes, I have been lurking for a while as I search for my first Industrial machine. Please understand that I know nothing!!! Just a dry sponge in search of knowledge. Hours upon hours of reading, and watching YouTube. I have pretty much narrowed my search down the the Brother LS2-B837, Consew 226, and the Singer 221G156. I am in no hurry and one of these will find me when the time is right. I started working with Marine Vinyl, creating a couple of motorcycle seats. That is just about the upper limit of my Singer 301. (PS - I have over 35 Vintage Singers in varying states of rejuvenation). Sooooooooo, how did I get here? Below are pictures of a 112WSV110 (Date Unknown) found in my neighbors shed. I have started the tear down and rebuild process. I have learned quite a bit, and yet still feel that I need to learn more. Motor aside (which is new), I would like to learn as much as possible regarding recommended updates / upgrades. While I am in that deep, let's just go for it. The biggie seems to be the Needle Bar Upgrade to a threaded unit. I am all ears........... P A R T S ? ? ? ? - This model really isn't listed anywhere, so finding the correct manuals, parts list, etc. has been fun. I am looking a supplier besides (in addition to) eBay!! My preference is to find a supplier where knowledge is abundant. I know I need to order a bunch of parts. I have been sewing with #92 Polyester using a 110/18 leather needle. So I now need to figure out what to order for this machine. Enjoy the pictures of my SV. I probably should start another thread somewhere regarding this journey, but for now........... Thank you, Stephen