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  1. Gusset Virginity

    Looks great to me too....
  2. Leather Purse I Finished

    Well done!
  3. Bifold wallet

    Nice work....and interesting design....
  4. Practice Flower Done

    Gorgeous work!
  5. Sheridan tote bag

    Stunning work......
  6. First aid kit cover

  7. My 3rd go at making a bag

    Well done.....
  8. New Member from Massachusetts

  9. Hello

  10. Simple Basketweave Belt

    Now that's precision
  11. New member from Texas

    Welcome.....I'm new here as well and learning a lot. Thanks for your service..
  12. First Seat for 2019

    Well done! That's a tough job there. That center piece would be a bugger to work around.
  13. My Flagship Holster

    LOL......well, you're absolutely right about being gorgeous. Nothing like working with 36 grit sand paper, but the end product speaks for itself. Thanks for the response and the information.
  14. Another Homemade Stitching Pony

    They are commonly used with woodworking clamps.....I got these on Amazon. They aren't the heaviest duty, but for the purpose they will outlast me I'm's a link....