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  1. Yet another question

    Thank you! Given an actual model designation to look for I can go back and look again at Sail Rite Now FWIW, I have attached a pic of the hemming I'm doing with the glue and fold method to keep it together until I sew it down. PITA but it working better than trying to fold it over as I go along sewing. Tried that on a piece of scrap and it was horrible.
  2. Yet another question

    Aha! Mea culpa ! I missed it that there was a separate forum for that.
  3. Well I did do my due diligence and ran some searches here but came up with nothing clear cut. This question would probably really be for folks that do machine sewing. I would like to do a hem on a couple of our products. Right now we're, measuring, gluing, folding, then clamping. We have a Tuff Sew (Sail Rite?) 9" Deluxe Super Straight stitch walking foot machine. We're wanting to run simple straight hems on 4 oz upholstery leather. Google searches turned up this: and this: Anybody got a clue if one of these, or perhaps some other unit might work for our machine? I'm not getting anywhere by attempting to contact the attachment manufacturers and Tuff sew does not carry a specific recommended attachment. I can always attach a pic of the machine, the feet and the plate if that would help. Patience would be appreciated also Everything I know about sewing, and machine repair and set up (what little I do know) is entirely self taught. Oh and when looking at hem sizes for various attachments how does that measurement work out? For example we're taking the leather and measuring 1" from edge and folding over that edge to meet the line that the 1" measure lays out. Is that a 1" hem or a 1/2" hem?
  4. New Here & a Question

    Cool! Thanx! I gotta go do some stuff for my 9 to 5 but I'm on it! I would like to have something on hand before Christmas.
  5. New here and new to leather working. Did some searches here concerning sealing leather. Still not real clear on what is a good product. Resolene has mixed "reviews." I was fooling around running my own "experiments" and even sprayed a test piece with clear gloss polyurethane. I knew that the poly would have some degree of flexibility. Seemed to work great, but it's been only a couple of days now. What we're doing is laser engraving images onto small pieces of veg tan. We need to keep the resultant black ash from smearing and getting trapped in the pores. It looks horrible. We also need some degree of flexibility as one of our products we hope to make is those leather hair ties with with a stick through it. At our current level of "expertise" (or rather lack thereof... ) we aren't doing any actual tooling, dying or painting,... yet. So, given our current projects, stick with the polyurethane? Go with the 50/50 water/resolene? or is there a product that just plain works, no screwing around? Obviously the last option would be preferred, but I do also recognize that often, as with ANYTHING in life, best results are obtained by consideration of actual desired real world end results, uses, application, appearance etc.