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  1. Just realized this happens when I sew close to the edge. One of the presser foot's "toes" has no material underneath so I think this is what causes the issue. Hmmm.
  2. He everyone, Let me start by saying how grateful I am for this forum. Has been a lot of help. This time though, I can't seem to find an answer to my problem. I have a Pfaff 546 H3 walking foot machine that runs great with heavy leather however, I cannot seem to get it to feed properly if I have only one layer of "garment" leather on top of nylon. Is this normal or are there adjustments I can make? This is my first walking foot machine that I got during the holidays. I used to use my Consew 230 but it had its limitations. The purpose of this machine is to sew a leather piece on top of waterproof nylon but when I try to do so, the machine does not feed. I get these tiny little stitches even though I'm at 6 stitches per inch! I tried adjusting the presser foot but with no success. I was hoping this machine would be able to make my double stitching but it does not seem to do so... Thanks Sylvie