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    Racing, leather work knifes and watching the grandkids and greatgrandkids grow up. KT
  1. Cheryl THANK YOU . Your to kind. Terry alias KT
  2. prc77ro thank you. You cant tool white elk hide so I took a stamp and dipped it in black dye , wiped off the stamp and pressed it against the white hide. The trick is to figure out how much dye to leave on the stamp so it don't smear. KT
  3. I decided to do something different so I made knife sheaths that have 2 knifes in one sheath. Enjoy KT
  4. Couple knives made by Wade Hougham and sheath made by me. KT
  5. Thanks for the comments. About 50 hours. KT
  6. Zooker and chancey77 Thank you so MUCH. KT
  7. Another new old one. KT
  8. Cant thank you all enough. KT
  9. Bill thank you. I don't have a web site. I make these for the family. I have 50-60 of them hanging around the house and garage. KT
  10. Ladies Rig

    Thanks Zooker KT
  11. Ladies Rig

    Thanks everyone. Supe I wet the leather and scrib it deep with a awl. KT
  12. Ladies Rig

    The colors are dyes for leather. The brown is actually cherry. Poor picture. Can't tell you how to do it . You have to experiment. I don't have any type of system. Trial and error. Sorry. Thanks you. KT
  13. Ladies Rig

    What you mean now? KT