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Hi! In 1983, the french brand TBS issued this deck shoes called "Yole":


This moccasin was produced for men, women and children, in more than 20 colors and combined colors. The leather (with no lining) is thick and extremely soft and supple. The rubber sole is thin and extremely flexible. The "Yole" mocs instantly were very popular and you could see them anywhere! At this time I owned three or four pairs till the early 90's.

Two years ago, I found this pair on french Ebay:


The leather is in ivory color. These mocs are in very good condition, but the rubber sole turned yellow. There is no other problem, so I wear them normally! It was great to find again these great mocs! :)

To give a continuation to the huge success the "Yole" met, TBS created new designs with the same leather and the same soft and flexible sole. As an example, I bought this pair of slip-on in 1990 or 1991:


I like them a lot because they really fit like a second skin! Unfortunately, some time ago the rubber soles became stiff and cracked like old tires... As it was impossible for me to throw these mocs away, I decided to give them a second life: I removed the rubber soles and I replaced them with leather ones. There are two layers of this thick and soft full grain leather.

Have a look:



So, now I can wear my mocs again!




I use to wear my mocs outdoor but only when weather is fine because I don't want the soles to be damaged with water! I also like to wear them to drive my car.

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Very nice job!

You must have preshaped them somewhat? Great profile to the sides to your sole section.

Do these have a countour cushion insole also?

My observation is that both the yellowing and cracking are a result of oxidation, and that white just shows it up better.

This is an up grade!

Keep up the good work!,


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Hi Paul,

Happy New Year, and thanks a lot for your comment!

No, I didn't preshape the leather soles. First, I drew the outline of the rubber sole on cardboard, then I drew a new outline 3/8 inch wider. I glued a smaller sole onto this large one, then I glued the sole onto the shoe, then I handstitched.

I don't know about oxidation, but certainly these shoes were not designed to last for so many years! My deck shoes and my slip-on are more than 20 years old!..

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Great job, Phil!

And if you avoid to walk by concrete I bet they will last much longer than while having the original rubber sole.


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Thank you, Suicide!

Yes, of course, wearing them indoor only could help them to last for longer! On the other hand, I like them so much that wearing them outdoor is something I wouldn't like to stop!;) Well, when the soles will be worn out, I'll replace them once again!..

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Your mocs are great!. I think if I double or triple the sole I could put them on my medieval shoes and boots. The would have to have leather water retardant on them and be redone after wearing them every few times; more if it was wet out.

Thank you, Phil, you may have helped me solve a problem.


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