Stitchless Coin Purse Pattern

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I see a lot of requests for patterns on here, but not a lot of patterns being shared. So, I thought I would share one. This is a fun little project that isn't too difficult.

I don't think this pattern is copyrighted. I saw them at various place on the internet and worked out the pattern for making them. It needs to be adjusted a little as you make it, as no two mesure out exactly correct. The trick is shaping it into an approximately exact "triangle", as opposed to a "cone" because if its shaped more like a cone, then the back side will be a sideways cone and won't look right, I've posted the finished look and the pattern I have. It can be adjusted for different sizes, the pattern just shows basically how it needs to be shaped.


coin purse 1 by sherlockian100, on Flickr


Untitled by sherlockian100, on Flickr

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