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Hi All,
I'm wondering if you can give me some tips when it comes to gilding leather.
Now, I don't mean the way the bookbinders do it but more for gilding tooling as can be seen in the pic below. 
The way I do it is to use sizing for porous materials and first paint it on and let it dry for 30 mins, then when 'dry but sticky' paint another layer and let it all dry 24 hours.
Then paint another layer, let dry for 30 mins (according to the instructions), apply gold leaf, brush it off.
Now the problems are that the gold tend to rub off easily from the sized areas, either directly while using the brush or even after 24 hours of drying time. 
Also, I get A LOT of gold stuck on the leather outside the sized areas, even where I didn't touch. This can be removed with painters tape or hard paintbrush, but is very annoying. Anything I can do to minimize this, except masking?

Anyone out there that do this and can share some tips?


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11 hours ago, chrisash said:

No, I'm using the white milky 'glue' type.
I did try with using acrylic finisher first, 100% dry then sizing.


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