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  1. Aye jimi that's the one. Been on for a while so I'm trying to negotiate a price with the seller. Is it not a k5 then?
  2. How about a stack of washers on a bolt with scalpel blades wedged between them?
  3. Ah interesting point I hadn't considered -- would the presser bar be a different size or style to a foot-type machine? The parts list describes the K5 as identical to the K1, except for the roller assembly being substituted for the presser foot. No different presser bar or indeed any other part than those of the roller assembly are listed.
  4. Looking at buying a 45K5 missing its presser foot. Generic industrial lockstitch feet look like they'll work, or could be fettled to work -- as I was advised by a technician. Am I barking up the wrong tree?
  5. The front and back/top are 2.5-3mm shoulder, the gusset is 2mm belly. Makes each seam about 5mm thick so quite manageable. Yes bridle-finish was originally developed for use with horse gear, which is why it is firm, supple and water-resistant. These all make for great properties for general leather goods such as trouser belts, bags, cases, satchels... if you split it down it makes for great wallets and watch straps too. This stuff is from the last pit-tannery in the UK.
  6. That's a nice looking bag, and a lot of stitches. Stitching in the gusset to one of these usually takes me about an hour. That's only 60" of stitching at 7 SPI. The whole lot is English bridle leather, the high tallow content makes for a beautiful and functional bag but glues don't hold it much and the corners are super-fun, what with having to bend 90 degrees in two planes. You can't quite see it in the photo but the gusset is one long piece. 1" per minute is usual for me unless the leather is thicker than 1/2". Awls are fast but they require some practice, they need to be sharp and they need to be smooth. Tandy awls are, apparently, absolute junk. Can't say I've ever had the pleasure. (Yes the upside-down buckle got corrected before the customer picked it up! :-p )
  7. A messenger bag took you 28 hours of stitching? I'd better buy those Tandy irons cos single gusset satchels only take me an hour to stitch with an awl. Maybe, if I practice real hard I can get it up to 28 and become an expert like you.
  8. I think 18/3 linen is around 0.6mm. if so, lots of choice available. I'll check when I get to the workshop in the morning.
  9. Am I correct in thinking it's a mysterious grade of stainless? If so I wouldn't touch it. The one LePrevo list is, IIRC, a Woodware/Barnsely 5" for £24+VAT. Abbey do the same thing for £18+VAT.
  10. Tried any Sedgwick's or Baker's?
  11. Fiebing Tanners Bond? Can get it from the usual sources.
  12. This pattern works very well for passports. Thanks, JLS!
  13. I made a mate of mine a 3" ranger belt for his modern quickdraw holster. Next time I saw him in the pub he loved it so much he was holding up his jeans with it... Sans pistol of course. I never did ask where he found jeans with such big loops.
  14. I use the standard Italian ones. Ultrasonicly welded, tough, work fine. £6, plus tax.
  15. To order from Abbey, you need an account. I just put my trade as "student" because at the time I couldn't demonstrate my business. They are trade-focused but their minimum order is only £15, quantities are reasonable, and they ship orders very quickly.