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  1. I made a mate of mine a 3" ranger belt for his modern quickdraw holster. Next time I saw him in the pub he loved it so much he was holding up his jeans with it... Sans pistol of course. I never did ask where he found jeans with such big loops.
  2. I use the standard Italian ones. Ultrasonicly welded, tough, work fine. £6, plus tax.
  3. To order from Abbey, you need an account. I just put my trade as "student" because at the time I couldn't demonstrate my business. They are trade-focused but their minimum order is only £15, quantities are reasonable, and they ship orders very quickly.
  4. Proper brass (rather than brass plated steel) press studs are available from Le Prevo or Abbey. LP are more hobby oriented.
  5. Neat work. What's it for use with, a derringer?
  6. Don't know about sharpening, but when I feel my rotary knife has lost its edge I loosen the friction screw and whack it on the polisher. If I get the right angle and pressure, it rotates the blade slowly as it polishes the edge.
  7. Excellent tutorial -- often the smallest bits are the hardest. What is in your edging mixture?
  8. Abbey England -- great range of products and a quick turnaround. Le Prevo or JT Bachelors if you can wait for their primarily Shop based staff to get around to processing your orders.
  9. I don't think there's enough clearance around the feed dog to put heatshrink around it -- good idea though.
  10. Just what I wanted to hear Glenn, not often the cheaper option is best! What do you guys reckon about dropping the feed dog? Even with light top pressure it still marks smooth leather, and I would love to use this machine for stitching all of wallets, not just the guts.
  11. Renia 315, available from Algeos. Alternatively, Copydex latex works passably, though it has a bit of a smell until it dries.
  12. Thanks, Constabulary. As a slight deviation, I have a choice between steel or aluminium bobbins. My winder does not rely on magnetism, so is there any advantage to aluminium to justify the higher price?
  13. Looks like some variant on bar billiards
  14. Attached is a quick sample of some stitch sizes. Please excuse their roughness as I was intending to demo the pricking wheel set rather than my stitching skills and I had worked through the night on a couple orders I'd got behind on. They are marked in stitches per inch (SPI) and all use size 18/3 linen, just as zuludog recommended. A small spool of 18/3 should cost about £5, last for a great deal of sheaths, and you have a wide range of colours from which to choose.