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  1. Very New... with Questions :)

    For me, the larger diameter barrel fits my hand better. But after watching people show how to make fancy curves, tight curves, I think a smaller diameter barrel is what I should be experimenting with even though I don't like the fit. So really, the only way is to try each and see what their performance (and yours) is like with a bunch of practice. Cheap handle, good blade would do you well for a couple years. Then you can get the fancy handles, ball bearing swivel and the whole works. Tom
  2. Very New... with Questions :)

    @Zonker1972 first pointer is to not hit submit more than once. Slow server or slow internet connections result in multiple posts. I have deleted the extra post. Tom
  3. Raised Nose Piece, Halter Making

    That happens. I'm not sure if it's because the server that is on becomes a bit overloaded at times, or because the internet connection between you/us and the site gets bogged down at times. Once you hit submit, the command goes through. Multiple hits can go through and produce several posts with the server responding to each one. I saw 8 repeated posts one day! Like our parents told us many times, patience is a virtue! Tom
  4. Veg Tan Leather Finish (for best patina)

    There is a pulldown list next to the box you enter your search in. Change it to "all content" instead of "this topic". I got 3084 hits for "neatsfoot oil sun tan". Or if you like Google searches better, try " NFO neatsfoot oil sun tan" without the quotes. The "" limits the search to this site. Is usually faster and better than the site's search function. Tom
  5. Raised Nose Piece, Halter Making

    @Silverd Wow, 4 posts! Please give the server and internet time to respond instead of hitting the submit button over and over. I will delete the "extra" posts. Tom
  6. Veg Tan Leather Finish (for best patina)

    Check out some of the other posts here about using neatsfoot oil and sun tanning. Search button is near the top right of the page. Tom
  7. Finishing technique

    When you seal with an acrylic or lacquer finish, oil cannot soak through so no need to try oiling after the finish. But, you can use wax based conditioners to spruce up the surface and help prevent further wear. Tom
  8. Website Critique

    I see lots of reflections and shadows. Try using a light tent, or photograph outside in the shade. You want diffused lighting to reduce reflections and provide the same amount of light overall. Take a look at this thread There are others that you can search out both here and on many other websites. You need good resolution on your camera, but don't need high resolution (large file) when you post. In general, skip the smart phone as you have less control. (But some are really good too!) Make sure your camera is well supported, no jiggles, especially when taking photos without a flash. Tom
  9. Tippmann aerostitch for sale

    @BestbargainsewingUK Moved your post to Marketplace > Items For Sale > Machinery -- Sewing and Stitching > Used Please post your selling price, shipping, etc. as per marketplace rules Tom
  10. I Don't Want To But Other Things Come First.

    This is a very old thread with last post in 2013. Mike hasn't visited this site since May 2013. I'm sure you won't get any response from him at this late date. Tom
  11. There are several posts about changing the stock pulley/hand wheel on sewing machines here. Not all of them are replacing the pulley with a pulley from a sewing machine supplier. Some even bolt a pulley onto the side of the stock pulley. you cn search for them here. As for your 2nd last paragraph, how would changing a pulley on the outside of the machine change the timing of something on the inside of the machine. As long as you don't loosen any set screws, etc. inside, or over stress anything, timing won't change due to changing an external pulley. Tom
  12. @dprezgay You have people interested in tools you listed. Should I close this thread and move it to old/sold? Tom
  13. Hot Stamper Free! Giving back to the site!

    Market place rules require photos, manufacturer, model etc. Thanks for giving back to the community! Tom
  14. ADLER 669 M-series

    What happened to November? I didn't sleep through the DST change did I? Tom
  15. Singer 96-10 timing help

    @Barnettworks moved your post to Leather Sewing Machines. You may get more answers/responses here. Tom