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  1. Bracers

    Here women used to use garter straps and a garter belt to hold up their silk or nylon stockings. So I see where the use of suspenders would apply. Men just used a tight elastic band (garter) to help hold up knee high socks. That would strangle my legs and just about kill me. Tom
  2. Kevlar thread ??

    Also note that kevlar thread is very abrasive and wears grooves in the thread path. Tom
  3. Making a bible cover patfern

    Wrap the bible with paper the way you want the cover to be. Add enough for the seam allowance, and add some extra pocket width and depth so the bible's cover doesn't get hung up while pushing them into your leather cover. I'd add at least 1/2" all the way around to get to your stitch line, then about an 1/8" more from the stitch line to the edge. You can cut some scrap leather the same thickness as you are going to use to make just a 1" wide strap. So it's just a narrow section for test purposes to see how the leather lays, how much room you want for the pocket, etc. I'd still add a little extra beyond that. Watch your glue line as it can eat up some of the pocket space! Clear as mud, I suppose, but experiment to see if the test strip works for you. Tom
  4. Secrets from the Workshop

    I wouldn't even try my left hand. My right hand can hardly sign my name most days! Can't even read my own writing half the time now. Thank heavens for computers, I can still type and correct, so it is readable! Tom
  5. Not too bad really! Just accept the learning experience and continue on. If you want, you can beat it up a bit and call it distressed, aged, etc. Now you know that dye can bleed right through the leather. So the best treatment inside may be just to slick the inside with gum trag to lay the fibers down. Or better yet, line it with a thin lining leather like pigskin. Tom
  6. Kevlar thread ??

    Take a look at this "thread" There are other "threads" here on if you care to do a search for them. Do a google search with the following search string. " kevlar thread" minus the quotation marks. Restricts the search to this site. Tom
  7. Setting snaps

    Cut the end off the posts if they are too long. Often giving one heavy wack will bend to one side if not perfectly lined up. Tapping and rotating the tool angle a little may help you. Tom
  8. Needle thread size chart 16 or 18 for 69 thread Tom
  9. 5.5" x 8.5" 3 or 9 ring binder hardware

    Here are a couple I found. You can do a google search for more. Found some that sell only in lots of 500! That would last forever. Tom
  10. Used mine a couple weeks ago, had to replace a line on my compressor. I have a newer one that works a little better than the old one. Should dump the old one someday I guess. Tom
  11. Onto the third bag....

    For general information. 1 oz = 1/64" and of course there are 25.4 mm per inch. Tom
  12. Bottom item looks an awful lot like half of my copper tubing flaring tool. Check out Bruce Johnson's rein rounders for comparison. Tom
  13. You appear to be USA based. Would be a good idea to add your location to your profile so you can get location specific responses rather then half way around the world from you. Try for new dies. They have some standard dies, ready made, plus can make any you wish. Tom
  14. Chicago Screws - What Size?

    Yes, they don't bottom out, letting you cinch down tighter on thinner materials. Tom
  15. Buff it off. Remove the extra pigment from the surface. Next time, preferably before you start putting any finish on top. Tom