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  1. Conditioner or Finisher First?

    When applying an acrylic or lacquer finish, part of its purpose is to seal the surface of the leather so it doesn't absorb contaminants and to keep the natural oils inside the leather. Think about that way first and you shouldn't have a problem figuring out what goes on first. Waxes applied on top of a finish help protect the finish, and can allow you to buff to a high gloss and can be reapplied when needed. Waterproofing should go on last since it needs to be redone from time to time to help keep the article "weatherproof". Tom
  2. Sewing machine trouble

    Just a point of clarification. The needle direction for a zigzag machine is with the groove facing the front of the machine. Has to be that way for the hook to pick up the thread as it zigzags. If the angle is off, it may drop stitches only on one or both sides while doing a zigzag stitch. If the needle is positioned with the groove on the left, it is highly unlikely for the hook to pickup the needle thread. And if it does, it's likely to bind up in a couple stitches and make a bird's nest under the needle plate and around the bobbin. Don't ask how I know. There are some posts here about selection of the correct needle size for thread. One method described is to take about a yard of thread, thread it through a needle (not in the machine!). When holding the thread at a diagonal, the needle should be able to slide down the thread. If it won't it has too small an eye. Tom
  3. My First wallet

    When you upload a photo, there is a plus sign next to the photo in the upload area. Click on the plus sign to anchor the photo to the spot in the text that your cursor was at. Failing to do so may drop the photo. And of course if you forgot to upload the photo, that's a different problem. Just like forgetting to add an attachment to an email like we have all done! Tom
  4. Machinery drive belt

    I remember my dad re-lacing an 8" wide drive belt for a threshing machine and a feed mill back in the 1950s. Was a composition belt about 30' long when looped. No leather on that one! Tom
  5. Here is the pdf. Thanks to SamB for making it available. Archery_Arm_Guard_(web).pdf @tazar @TomWisc Tom
  6. Best thread to resist UV and abbrasion?

    Try this thread Tom
  7. PM sent with email address. Thanks Sandra Tom
  8. when to stamp

    See the sample in this post. Tom
  9. SInger 95K51 finally with reducer and...WOW

    3" to 6" gives a speed reduction of 3/6 = 0.5 (or 1/2 if you wish). 1.5" to 2.5" gives 1.5/2.5 = 0.6. 0.5 x 0.6 = 0.3, so the final speed is 30% of the motor rpm, = 382.5 rpm if there is no belt slippage. No fancy calculator required, just some basic math. And yes, your result of 1/3 is close enough for estimating purposes. 33% versus 30%. Good job. If you have the time, it certainly saves a few dollars. Here is what I did with mine! Still using the bungee cord too. Tom
  10. magnets to sandwich

    Suppliers I have used are and,42363,42348 Tom
  11. @jayker2002 Moved back to Marketplace, only the Basic Set was sold. Tom
  12. Leathercraft Tools for sale (Package)

    Per the OP, only the Basic Set is sold, the rest is still for sale. Moved back to Marketplace. Tom
  13. Sealing Leather After Dyeing?

    Are you going to remove the current finish or trying to dye over the finish? I would suggest removing as much of the finish as you can first. Some people will dye with blue before they go to black. And yes, dilute resolene 50/50. Tom
  14. So was it sold or not? You posted it was sold, so I locked and moved it to the section old/sold. If it is still available, not sold, I can move it back. Tom
  15. Happy Birthday Johanna!

    Happy Birthday @Johanna from all of us from all around the world. Have a great day, and many, many more. Tom