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  1. When you size photos for here, 800 x 600 pixels is a good size. Even 1024 x 768 is good. Small photos don't show the detail you are trying to display. Too large and it takes a long time to download when you are on the fringes of the internet with a slow connection. Tom
  2. Stamping is done on cased (moistened) vegetable tanned leather. The leather needs to nearly return to its natural colour before stamping. The stamping burnishes the leather turning it a darker shade. Most add any oil or conditioner after dyeing to replace oils lost during the stamping and dyeing process. Over oiling will leave you with a soggy mess, so use oil very sparingly. If the article has the softness/flexibility you want after it has dried, you can skip oiling it. Tom
  3. They are both soft metals. For hardness see Aluminum 2 to 2.9, Brass 3 to 4. So supposedly, brass would wear better. But rugged applications need wider zippers, regardless. Tom
  4. Grain side of leather is the nice side, show side, hair side. Opposite is the flesh side, originally against the meat and fat. Tom
  5. OP appears to be from Brooklyn New York according to the IP address. Tom
  6. Do a search here. 30 results for paisley, patterns to examples. Tom
  7. You can cut a slot in the front of the presser foot, round off the edges and polish a bit. Easy fix. Tom
  8. Merged your posts and deleted redundant multiple posts. Please allow time for the server to respond when posting. The server may be very busy for a moment at times, or you may be on a slow network connection. So after hitting post, relax for a minute! Tom
  9. A photo would provide a lot of help with identifying what this machine might be based on. Front, rear, left end, close up of the needle and presser feet and feed dogs, right end, badges, numbers, underside, bobbin. Tom
  10. Was this from a starter set from Tandy? If so, they are lower quality material than their regular line. Tandy will replace stamps that bend or fall apart or easily damaged through normal use. They replace starter kit stamps with their regular line according to other posts on the forum. Take it back. Tom
  11. Copper rivets, wire, etc. sizes are defined as AWG, American Wire Gauge. There is more info than you ever want to know here. Scroll down and you will find a table cross referencing # and diameters. I tend to use #9 for heavy stuff, #12, and rarely #14. You can look up availability at your local Tandy Leather I you are so inclined. Nice to be able to pick it up today instead of waiting several days for shipment. Also make sure you know how to install the rivets. My first attempt was a disaster! So practice on a couple pieces of scrap first. Also do a search here and you will find lots of suggestions. The minimum tools are a punch, an angle cutters (side cutters or nippers), an anvil or other hard solid surface, and a ball peen hammer. Not recommended to use your granite or marble slab as an anvil. Tom
  12. Includes a hand pump. Notice it is a Canadian company, located in the Toronto area. Price I see is $70 Can. So with the exchange rate, In US$ will be around 30% less. Tom
  13. Moved to Leather Sewing Machines.
  14. Original link fixed. For as long as the page stays active! Tom
  15. Seems no response so I am locking the thread and moving it to Old/Sold. Tom