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  1. Check with MattMain. See his recent post. Let us know if volumes 1 and 2 are available. Tom
  2. Thanks for the link. Copied files, optimized and converted to searchable PDF. 5 MB approximately. Tom glove_making os.pdf
  3. You might like a cylinder arm for purses. Tom
  4. Try a loop of fresh tape and keep patting the surface to grab the residue. Works for many types of adhesives, might work for you. Tom
  5. And a quart of milk is about one litre. Tom
  6. If it is nice soft flexible leather, it's not likely veg tanned. Most jacket type leather is chrome tanned from what I have seen. And yes, even chrome tanned leather will bleed through when it gets wet enough (water) or with a more volatile solvent. Walked 5 miles in a pouring rain wearing a black leather jacket. My shirt and skin were blue from the leather dye. Jacket was a little stiffer for a few days after it dried out, but softened back up just by wearing it.m Tom
  7. Try a Google search " rein rounder" and a couple other combinations like " how to make round reins" I know I have seen instructions here on how to, so I think you will find them, or references to them with a few search combinations. The "" parameter restricts the search to this site. Google has bigger and better search engines and better indexing database so works better and faster than our site search works. Tom
  8. The OP appears to be from Gainsville Florida according to the IP address. Maybe someone in the area can recommend a dealer close by. And of course, we recommend supporting our banner advertisers since they support this site, and provide better backup service than many local shops with no leather machine experience. Tom Edit:. I'd like to see all members post their location since this is a worldwide forum. It helps us/you provide more relevant information and help.
  9. Starting from the middle and working both directions reduces the "warp factor" too. Instead of sewing or lacing in both directions, you can mark the centres, use contact cement, and cement together aligning the centre marks. Then you can sew from one side, all the way around. Can even trim before sewing so your corners match up, assuming you cut a little oversize. Really helps your assembly process when you use a sewing machine. Tom
  10. Get both rules, saves time. Else convert to your preferred units and mark up your patterns to suit. Many of my patterns have no measurements, just full size, lay it out, mark around it and cut! Tom
  11. Also called key stock here. Found in big box hardware stores and most metal suppliers. Lots of sizes, 1/8" and up to 5/8" or more. Larger sizes are nice, have the weight to help stay in place, and easier to grab and hold. Tom
  12. Bought mine at Tandy a few years ago. Published 2002 by The Australian Leather Craftsman Publications, 264 Hume Highway, Camden, NSW, Australia 2570. Copyright Peter Main. ISBN 0-9578802-1-9 Google wasn't much help, but did find this Tom
  13. Just tried both links in the original post, both work for me. Maybe try again. Tom
  14. His IP address puts him in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I don't understand why people don't list their location when using a worldwide forum! Tom
  15. Keep it away from carpet or other material that will take stains easily! Make sure your cheese slicer doesn't have any cheese or greasy stuff on it. Good luck. Good idea to practice first. Tom