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  1. Tool and hardware storage.

    Michaels has various sizes of wooden boxes. Tom
  2. Doc's Visit.

    Apology accepted. When we are dealing with text only communication, we can't see the person's face or body language or hear the nuances in his voice, so literally 3/4 of the conversation is missing. My apologies to you as well. Differences in cultures can result in huge misunderstandings. I have a friend from Bulgaria. In her culture, nodding the head is a no, shaking the head is a yes, completely opposite to many other cultures. Tom
  3. Doc's Visit.

    Really! Your comment is not related to the intent of my comment at all! If you have a beef with the carving/art work, you should take it up with the OP, not me. Tom
  4. Doc's Visit.

    Reminds me of a cover photo on the front of a POST magazine many years ago. I like your art work. It is your perceptions that count. It is not supposed to be just like a photo. Tom
  5. bull ropes

    Looks like you posted on the wrong thread. Tom
  6. Spur straps

    Pretty sharp looking spur straps. Very nice. Tom
  7. So I made a thing. For another thing.

    @Sheilajeanne The screws are "oval head" type. "Trim washers" are used with oval head screws. Tom
  8. PFLeatherGlass

    URL for above Tom
  9. How to delete photos from my gallery

    Photos deleted and albums hidden since I can't delete them. Tom
  10. How to delete photos from my gallery

    When you are viewing the gallery, do you see small tick boxes in the upper right of each photo? If you tick them, do you see a bar across the lower part of the screen with a garbage can? If so click each pic to be deleted and then click the garbage can. I'm not sure if you have this access. Try it and see if you do. Else let me know and I will delete them for you. By the way, the items look quite good. No need to be embarrassed. On this site, members in general do not have permissions to delete posts, so I assume that is the problem you are up against. But moderators and administrators can. Let us know if you need help with this. Tom, another Calgarian
  11. WANTED: Sewing Machine Expert

    Take Wiz's advice he gave some time ago. Start a new thread with your specific machine and problems. Take photos of the problems you are seeing with the stitching and any part of the machine that is causing you issues. Post the photos. Take video and post on YouTube and link to it. There are several people who will be quite willing to help you. Tom
  12. Ceramic leather knife?

    Kitchen knives are very brittle and snap or nick easily. My SIL won't buy anymore, low or high priced. Tom
  13. ATLA - another 3 letter acronym
  14. over oiled chaps

    Floor dry compounds or kitty liter are supposed to work too. Need to stir up the mess to keep bringing fresh material against the leather surface a few times each day. Tom
  15. Billfold here used to be just for a few bills, paper money. Wallet added a coin pocket and photo sleeves which have been taken over by credit cards. Tom