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  1. Thanks from all. Great list to have available. Tom
  2. Thread (and belts on conveyors or flat pulleys) always climbs to the high side. Tom
  3. oltoot sent me his photos and instructions so I could put them together and upload them here. Took a while to get here since the cable company accidentally disconnected me and took a week to come back and fix it. Hope you all appreciate oltoot's work. Tom Ground Seat Instructions.pdf
  4. Looks like the OP moved them or changed access permissions. Looks like they were posted on a photo sharing site instead of on this site. Tom
  5. Tell your prospective buyers where you are located! Tom
  6. I'm sure someone does. Tell them where you are located! Tom
  7. Take a look at these links Kingsley are good presses, but are now antiques. You will need to have some method of attaching your brass stamp to a block in the type holder. The double sided tape makes that easy. There is very little working space under the type holder, so would be difficult to place the stamp, press it down to heat it up, then remove it, place the stamp on your leather, then move the package back under the type holder, keeping everything perfectly in position. When your stamp is properly attached to the block in the type holder, you let it warm up to the desired temperature, position your leather, pull down the lever pressing the stamp into the leather for a few seconds. The dwell time you need depends on the foil, leather, and amount of pressure you apply. Tom
  8. If you use leather point needles, don't back tack. Leave your thread tails long and do your back stitching by hand, doing a saddle stitch. Tom
  9. OP's IP address is located in Wisconsin. You should be posting photos and complete description, etc. according to terms of use of this forum. Tom
  10. My iPad doesn't like either file, but my PC has no problems with them. Tom
  11. I think you should copy this to a new post so you get the exposure that you want. Tom
  12. LOL You might want to rename the files to Cylinder Arm! Tom
  13. Merged your two posts into one and moved it to "Leather Sewing Machines". As mentioned above, you will get more response from this area rather than "How do I do that". Also deleted your multiple posts. Don't keep hitting the "Submit Topic" button after you have already hit it. Give the server time to respond. Tom
  14. OP appears to be from the New York area according to his IP address. Tom
  15. Moved your post to leather sewing machines. You will likely get more response there. Tom