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  1. @JohannaI'm seeing the same thing on all dialog boxes. No text, and text missing from buttons. Tom
  2. I get the same result. Try a Google search using " others may" without the quotes. You will get lots of results. Tom
  3. Moved your post to Leather Sewing Machines where you are more likely to get a response. Help wanted is like the classified ads in a newspaper. I'd suggest you should join the forum here. Lots of good information available and you may contribute your experience and expertise too. OP appears to be located in Simi Valley, California, 93065 according to the IP address. Tom
  4. I have one! If you are serious, let's see your bids. Tom
  5. For a gradient, have you tried using an airbrush? You can use any dye for the process. Dye by itself doesn't create a gradient. It is how you apply the dye that does the job. Tom
  6. You don't have skipped stitches at this point, but this little piece of info goes along with Uwe's comment above about making turns. When you make your turns, either do it just as soon as the needle is buried in the leather, but not to the bottom yet, or wait until the needle bar has risen far enough for the hook to have caught the loop. The aim is to not affect formation of the loop, and to ensure the hook catches the loop, or you will have a skipped stitch. Tom
  7. Pictures would help describe the problem. Tom
  8. I can't see the lines in the photos, so assume you are talking about the marks left by the presser feet. You may be able to reduce the pressure of both the inner and outer feet, to help reduce the amount of marking. Also make sure the leather is dry. Wet will of course mark easier. You can work out the presser feet marks with a spoon, or by tapping with a flat faced hammer. If you reduce the pressure on the presser feet too much, the leather will lift with the needle, and you will lose the loop and have skipped stitches. There are lots of related posts in the sewing machine area. Oh! Great collars. Tom
  9. OP is located at Wasaga Beach, Ontario according to the IP address. Please peoples, add your location so you can get the best information and help from people located in your area of the world. Tom
  10. When you pull the lace tight on soft or moistened leather, the lace will compress the leather and partially embed itself. Space between stitches for the most part, isn't puffed out by any amount. Just not compressed. Tom
  11. Please all read the market place rules. Tom
  12. Some people just don't have the capability of visualizing things in their heads. For those people that have this capability, it is difficult for them to understand that others don't have it and seem to take forever to understand some of these things. When I took electronics many years ago, I could visualize how electricity flowed through different devices and its behaviour. Couldn't understand why others couldn't grasp the concepts. Then when I used to instruct control systems engineering, I found that students just want to memorize the answers for today's exams, but not to spend time learning the basics so they could then build on that to better understand the next steps. I have a mantra, If you want to be able to control a process, you have to understand the process before you can control it. I think this really applies to all types of troubleshooting. The part of my work over the years that I have enjoyed the most is troubleshooting. Being able to visualize it in your head, and to at least mentally collect the details of what has happened, or is happening makes the difference in being successful at troubleshooting. Tom
  13. I would questioned that it was actually veg tanned. Thickness doesn't matter. Thinner leather won't need much soak time, a few seconds. Thicker leather will of course take longer to soak through to the core. Cut a test strip and see if it will stretch when soaked, if not, move onto another piece that is definitely veg tanned. Tom
  14. Has to be veg tanned. If you are not sure, take a strip, soak it for 10 seconds, see if it stretches easily. If it does, you are good to go. Tom
  15. Here are a couple more files Eric sent me to post as they were too large for his access. Tom Compound Feed Machines.pdf Needle information.pdf