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  1. ironbridge hot foil stamping machine

    @IronbridgeKOREA Hasn't visited this site since he/she posted Aug 28. Strange how people can't follow up on their posts when they are supposedly trying to sell something to us! Tom
  2. If everything you make is flat, then a flat bed is all you need. Have you read this post? Tom
  3. In need of a small leather book cover

    OP is located at Valrico, Florida, 33594 according to the IP address. Tom
  4. Which sewing machine ?

    @marronne Moved your post to Leather Sewing Machines. You'll get more info and feedback here. Tom
  5. @McLestergl You have some people interested in your machine. I notice you haven't been around here since Dec 3. Tom
  6. Is this skiver worth it?

    It is a clone of this one. The original has more adjustments than other simple ones like I purchased another very similar to this one and have not been happy with it. I built one of my own based on the Scharf Fix Paring machine. It works much better. Tom
  7. Full color printing on leather

    You should indicate who you are interested in hiring. There are many posters to this thread. If you include their handle in your post, they will receive a notice. example @heavyleathernyc Also not the last post to this thread was November 2014. Tom
  8. Tippmann Boss for sale Australia

    Please include photos as per rules for market place. Review the rules here Tom
  9. @Chamod Please read the rules for market place Add selling price, shipping, etc. Tom
  10. Photos might get some interest. And I'll move this to market place where you should be posting items for sale. Include price, shipping, etc. Check the rules for market place. Tom
  11. From what I see, most of it would seem to be individual users' computers, software, WiFi, and internet connection and routing. I have not had problems uploading or downloading, or connecting to the forum. Here is the tracert results from southern Alberta Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 5 ms 8 ms 16 ms 2 17 ms 14 ms 13 ms 3 26 ms 29 ms 29 ms 4 38 ms 41 ms 33 ms [] 5 41 ms 31 ms 32 ms [] 6 38 ms 33 ms 36 ms [] 7 38 ms 36 ms 32 ms [] 8 50 ms 196 ms 48 ms [] 9 164 ms 96 ms 97 ms [] 10 148 ms 50 ms 57 ms [] 11 76 ms 77 ms 75 ms [] 12 73 ms 72 ms 72 ms [] 13 72 ms 73 ms 75 ms [] 14 77 ms 74 ms 75 ms [] Trace complete. Tom
  12. Tech Sew Machines.

    Your original post. I am asking Ron at Techsew to respond to this thread. Tom
  13. Tech Sew Machines.

    @Techsew Ron See post above Tom
  14. Looks very difficult to get this rivet to spread enough to hold. Looks too short as well to add a bur. Need to get larger diameter rivets. Tom