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  1. New Member

    Thanks ABR, show us some photos. Everyone likes to see photos of work, both successes and learnings from things that didn't go quite right. Helps us all learn and improve. Tom
  2. Use filter cartridges designed/listed for organic chemicals on your respirator. If you start to smell the chemicals, it is time to change the cartridges. When not in use, cap the cartridges tightly to keep the adsorbent being used up by the ambient air. Tom
  3. Dropped stitches sewing Ostrich

    Ostrich leather is probably harder/firmer. Try a larger needle so there is room for the thread. Also watch to see if the leather is lifting the presser foot on the way up. If so, it won't form a loop. Increase the presser foot pressure if so. See also this thread/needle cchart Tom
  4. New Member

    Welcome to the forum. I got my horse when I was about 12 or so. Couldn't afford a saddle. Used an old bridle with blinkers that my grandfather gave me. It was in brand new condition. Rode bareback all the time. Decided to take up leatherwork so I could fix a really old saddle so I could use it. That was about 60 years ago. The saddle is long gone, never got it fixed up. My horse is long gone too! Life is what happens when you are making other plans! Tom
  5. Sheridan Tooling pattern needed

    Can also resize jpg, tiff, bmp, png, and other graphics files in Photoshop and other graphics software. And scale to your printer for the exact size you want. Most of this software will let you save in PDF as well. Will even import from PDF so you can manipulate the image to increase contrast, remove stuff you don't want, etc. Tom
  6. Sheridan Tooling pattern needed

    @Killerwork moved this post to patterns and templates. Help wanted is like the classifieds in the newspaper. Also every post has to be approved before it becomes visible to others. You'll get more responses from this area or in the forum "how do I do that". Browse through patterns and templates and see what you find. You can also do a google search " Sheridan patterns" if you want to limit the search to this site. Tom
  7. Leather Journal Insert and Glue recommendation

    Here are a couple YouTube channels with useful information. I have watched a number of bookbinding and repair videos. They use white PVA glue as it stays flexible. In some locations, they use wheat flour paste, depending on how fast they want it to dry. And they use very thin coats so it doesn't wrinkle the end papers. Have fun. It is a good project to play/work with. Tom
  8. Try this link Holster Tutorial.pdf It may be helpful. Do a google search " 1860 Colt 44" without the quotes. Lots of pictures and comments. This pdf was in the results. You could add "pattern" or "template" or other search parameters to the search string. Tom
  9. Leather Top Hats

    Do a google search " leather hat" without the quotes. You will find lots of posts. You can modify the search parameters to narrow down what you really want to see (could add "pattern" to the search to limit it to include only posts with patterns). "" restricts the search to this site. I've copied a few hat patterns from here, but have yet to try making one. Tom
  10. It is sometimes very surprising at where connections do match up, or how few hops it takes to find someone that knows someone who knows the person you want to contact. When my brother-in-law had some problems in India after he was mugged, I put him in touch with a lady that had temporarily worked in my company, taking over work to be done in India. Sometimes these connections are very fortunate. But long story short, I don't know your friends. Tom
  11. Cowboy or cobra?

    Perhaps you could expand on what you are asking or telling us. Are you starting at the beginning of a story or starting at the end and working back to the beginning. Rather cryptic. Tom
  12. The needle information from JLS is all for machine stitching. Tom
  13. Be careful of alcohol fumes being drawn through a fan where the motor is open to the fumes. The motor needs to be a non-sparking type, no switch in the motor or totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC). A spark in alcohol fumes can give you quite an unwelcome surprise! Tom
  14. More information is available at these URLs Tom