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  1. Dog collar construction advice?

    If you are making a 2 layer collar (lined) add a strip of poly webbing between the layers. It won't stretch and therefore the collar will retain its shape better when subjected to water and other abuses. There are some other posts about eliminating the stretch problem somewhere here if you wish to search for them. Tom
  2. Sewing Machine Issues

    Unplug it, leave it sit for a while, then try again. May have to re-do the setup. This happened to someone else on the forum, but don't remember who or when. Another party had damage due to lightning strike nearby when it was left turned on. Some electronics seem to be very sensitive to power line transients. Good luck/ Tom
  3. Wrinkles!! >:(

    Looks like it was folded/bent tight towards the flesh side. That stretches the grain side, and when released, wrinkles the grain side. Tom
  4. Stamp Identification Help

    Looks to me like it was done with an embossing roll. Don't see any joins that you would normally see if it was stamped. Tom
  5. Leather Embossing Machine

    @RB12 If you are not wanting to use foil to make coloured impressions, you can use it cold to make impressions in veg tan leather. You can also use it hot without foil to burn an impression into many types of leather. It will need to be able to operate at a higher temperature to burn impressions. You can have a die made by a photo engraving process, or by CNC milling, or other processes and use an arbour press to stamp veg tan. There are lots of routes to go. Do a search for hot foil press here on and you will find several threads with more information. Tom
  6. Making an impression

    You could purchase an eBook from Tandy that describes the use of several tools. There a a number of other helpful books there too. Tandy and YouTube have a lot of videos describing tooling and how to do it. If you are close to a Tandy store, you could check to see when they have free tooling classes. Tom
  7. Sewing machine repair book.

    Never suggested that there were any on my website. I pointed you to look/search for posts/threads done by Gottaknow. Here is the particular post I was referring to that you could have searched for. Also suggested that you look for comments he has posted to help various people. Here is a link for all content he has posted. You should also look at content posted by Wizcrafts. There are other sewing machine experts here besides Gottaknow and Wizcrafts. But this should be enough to get you started. You'll find the others as you peruse the site. Also many manufacturer's manuals and catalogs, some posted here, some links to other sites. The search function is just below the banner ads at the right. You can use it to search any topic you wish. Tom
  8. Skiving machine - how to pick one?

    IP address resolves to Red Bank New Jersey. @MaryMac I would recommend all users add their location to their profile. You will get better answers to your queries if they happen to be area related. Might even make connections with someone just down the road. Tom
  9. Sewing machine repair book.

    @Game Moved to Sewing Machines. You'll get more response here. Search for the member @gottaknow. He has posted some training material for sewing machine mechanics. Also has posted a huge number of helps. Tom
  10. Consew 226 Sewing machine

    2" equals 50mm (actually 50.8mm) so is considered the same size. With your Consew, you are not sewing 3/4" of leather, so don't need the higher wattage/horsepower. Depending how slow you want to go, you still might want a speed reducer pulley set. But why not test the setup with your servo first and see how it behaves before spending the extra on the speed reducer? Tom
  11. Clutch purse and first attempt at installing a Zipper.

    Rub some wax into the zipper. Often helps. Stiff zipper is sometimes due to a little misalignment between the 2 sides. Tom
  12. This is what happens when 3rd party hosing is used and the files are moved or permissions are changed. There is plenty of room on the server to accommodate storing your photos here. If they are too large, reduce the file size. When pictures disappear from a thread, it becomes useless to all. @Deemer Please upload your photos. Thanks. Tom
  13. Sewing machine

    @RJLamie moved your post to Leather Sewing Machines (instead of How do I do That.) Likely to get more visibility from sewing machine people here. Have you looked in Marketplace under used and like new sewing machines? Tom
  14. Warthog, Elephant, Giraffe, Shunken bull

    Is that like "slow boat from China"? Sorry, couldn't resist. Tom
  15. Sewing machine identification

    Patience is a virtue! We are not sitting here waiting for you to post. We are all volunteering our time and knowledge. We have a life outside of this forum that is our primary focus. Tom