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  1. Since this is a world wide forum, it is a good idea to add your location to your profile. Then you can get answers that are more applicable to your area and country. There are several Australian members here that can help you. Tom
  2. From Google translate I can not understand the reason for the sequence of weaving and weaving principle and how many layers you need
  3. IP address says Boca Raton, Florida, 33432 @Kokoskaa good idea to list your location. Tom
  4. 4 oz covers a lot of area. Should be plenty if putting it on with a dauber. Tom
  5. Take my pattern above. Shorten the neck by about a quarter inch, and cut up the fold line from the bottom to about equal with the screw holes and you should have what you need. The loop was a little too long, so that is why you need to reduce the length of the neck a little. I'm tied up on other stuff, else would make a new pattern along with a photo example. Tom
  6. And your email address is ....
  7. Check the linkage to the control arm first. Has it slipped or been been bent? Is the control arm seized up? Tom
  8. You have a couple people interested, See above posts. Tom
  9. Here is one option. The main part is folded rather than forming a Y. If you are using heavier weight leather like about 8 oz or so, gouge the inside to get a cleaner sharper fold. Light leather like 2-3 oz does not make a nice loop. Print the pattern, fold in half on the centre line and cut so you have a mirror image of the one side. This was traced from a trial run 8 oz leather, wet molded to form it. So some of it stretches a little, so the pattern is not symmetrical. You will have to adjust the cut between the top ears to fit, so give yourself a little extra leeway. Same for the size of the ears. Large Chicago screw or concho needs larger ears. You could experiment with main body so there is relatively no fold, and both edges would then look similar instead of one folded, and one not. Have fun Tom KeyFob2.pdf
  10. You should add your location to your profile so people in your general area can provide you better input about what is available near you. Tom
  11. Try this Google search " europe clicker die" The following are just 2 of the hits the search found. limits the search to this site. Faster and better search than the builtin search function. Tom
  12. Ffernando01 is a guest and can't access the PM function as a guest. Give him/her a phone call. Tom
  13. Only works on veg tan, needs tannic acid to work. Maybe you could soak it in tea, then try. Tom
  14. Guests do not have access to PMs. Tom
  15. A lot depends on what portion of leather crafting/working you want to teach. Just a couple ideas to branch off from. One set of kit and instructions for cutting, assembly and saddle stitching. Another for tooling/stamping Another for lacing, etc. Tom