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  1. Looks like your casing is improving. Too wet and the leather is mushy. The swivel knife drags. Stamping gets sort of blob like instead of burnishing and turning a deeper brown. You need a hard surface behind your leather while you are stamping. When I started 55 years ago, I had no option of getting a piece of granite or marble. I used 1/4" Masonite hardboard on a solid table with pipe frame and legs. For up to 8/9 oz leather it worked okay. Wood itself, depending on species is not likely hard enough. Some proponents of sharpening your swivel knife will tell you that you should strop on a hard surface rather than the backside of leather, since the leather deforms and tends to round over the sharp edge you are trying for. I use a piece of 3/4" MDF. Have one for red rouge and one for white stropping compound. I use a diamond sharpening plate labeled as extra fine if I need to remove any scratches from rougher stones or whatever, then of course follow that with red, then white stropping. Whether you use paints or dyes, make sure you allow adequate time for drying between coats. Also before applying any finish or layers of finish. No less than 4 hours, some behave better at 8 hours. When using dye, I sometimes dampen the leather slightly first as it helps stop the dye from suddenly seeping beyond the brush. Tom
  2. Needle system size 135/16 is a leather point, 135/17 is a conical point. Both are the same size/length. Leather point doesn't blow out the back of the leather as badly as a conical point. This version of leather point is like a chisel. Anyone that is somewhat mechanically inclined should be able to help you switch motors. Get a servo with the smallest pulley you can so the machine can run slower. Tom
  3. If you drop out the music, you could add some instructions to turn it into a small tutorial. Tom
  4. Figure carving tools/stamps are a sub-set of all the stamps. What you are looking for is the main stamps used for most floral carving to do the moon and star. A medium to small beveller, might want to get both a smooth and checkered style. Looks like you need a swivel knife, or need to get yours sharpened and make sure you are casing the leather correctly. For floral carvings, add pear shader, (checkered, smooth, and vertical lines are all nice to have). A camouflage stamp, veiner, and a couple versions of background stamps. And the list just continues to go on and on. But you can do a lot with about 5 stamps. Tom
  5. Take a look at Scroll down the page a bit. Bought a hand held brass stamp with a 100 watt heater a few years ago. Use it for both wood and leather. There are other similar suppliers around too. Tom
  6. Try Rona, Home Depot, Canadian Tire. They all have various metal stock in bars, rounds, angles, aluminum, brass, steel, etc. Tom
  7. A photo or two and the purse name and style might help us provide some more assistance. Do you have access to a photos of the finished purse from the vendor? Tom
  8. Available 1963 and earlier for both the log letter craftaid and the wallet interior. May have been available for a few years after as well. The log letters were one of my favourites. Tom
  9. Here is their FB page Tom
  10. Hidepounder's (Bob Park) booklet, western floral designs is listed in his signature line. See this page Tom
  11. I have the same exact liner in my current wallet. Bought in the 60s. I may have another one or two in a bin. Been using this wallet for about 20 or more years. They are simple but good liners/interiors. Nice job, should last you another 20 or 30 years if you don't pack too many coins in it. Tom
  12. Calf skin is thinner than cowhide in general. Both are of course leather. Which do you think would be thinner and more supple, a calf, or an old cow or bull that has spent more time in the elements? If you do a search, you can find lots of threads here about watch straps. Another search that you might find interesting results for your tennis racquets would be leather wrap on steering wheels. Bound to be some similarities here. Tom
  13. I would at least grind the tip of the blade round to help reduce the risk of an accident. Really don't need that sharp point sticking up just waiting to get you! Do a little searching, there are easier ways of cutting lace from rounds that don't require expensive tools. Tom
  14. Just a quick comment about posting. Please don't keep hitting the post button. Just hit it once, then wait for the internet and server to respond. That will help to avoid multiple posts. This is especially important when you are on a slow connection, or the internet traffic is high, or the server is busy with other members. I deleted the multiple posts. Tom
  15. Please update your profile to include your location. This is a worldwide forum, so it has become even more important to identify your location so you can get help and input from people in your area, especially when looking for any one-on-one help. Tom