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  1. soaking veg tan leather ( grey lines appear)

    Photos so we can see? Grey or bluish? If tends toward blue, then there is some iron contamination in the leather or due to a rack it was laid on. You can bleach out with oxalic acid. The colour is due to the same reaction as vinegaroon process. Tom
  2. From the IP address, he appears to be in the Arcadia, California, 91006 area. Tom
  3. How deep should I cut

    3/4 oz and thinner are thin. Tom
  4. Multi-key hardware

    Try this link Ohio Travel Bag. plate#f=&p=1&s= Tom
  5. How deep should I cut

    Many will say 50%. Thinner leather may not be able to go that deep. You have to test, trial and error to get the feel and look that you like the best and hopefully your client likes too. Tom
  6. Blue dots on veg tanned leather

    Definitely iron contamination. Keep all iron fillings, etc. out of your leatherwork area. Oxalic acid will remove the spots. There are a number of threads about these spots if you want to search out more information. I would recommend that you be careful trying to bleach out small spots as that spot may now become lighter than the rest of the piece you are working with. I would do a quick bleach of the whole surface to try to maintain consistent colour across the item. Tom
  7. Saddle soap question

    If you warm it up, does the white residue work back in? It would likely be the fat. Need to warm it up and buff the extra back off. Maybe 2 or 3 times. Tom
  8. Edge punch?!?

    The ones I tried were pretty cheap too. Princess Auto here in Canada. About $15 for a set of about 10 drive punches. Really thick edges with a steep taper. Tom
  9. Edge punch?!?

    Some are pretty hard so may not cut even with a high end bandsaw. I tried touching up a set on a lathe using a carbide tool. No luck. Tom
  10. copyright infringement?

    His works, photos he has posted, can be copyrighted. How he braids, unless he can prove it is totally new, can not be copyrighted. Totally new type of braiding could be patented. If he makes an instruction manual, he could copyright it. Tom
  11. What about this machine?

    When you let the smoke out, it quits working! And off topic, electronics are nothing but smoke and mirrors. So when you let the smoke out ... Tom
  12. Portable Stamping Surface

    In my early days, I used to use a piece of 1/4" Masonite hardboard about 8" x 8". Placed on a sturdy table works well. Makes some racket, not as good as a marble slab, but works and is more portable. Tom
  13. Vintage Craftool Alphabet Wood Grain

    Check out this FB page, join it. They have photos and a database for Craftaids. Tandy Craftaid Template Database Tom
  14. Just type into your browser. Tom
  15. Tanner's Bond Contact Cement - why isn't it working?

    Use a coarse sandpaper to really roughen the surfaces that are being glued together. Gives a "tooth" for the glue/contact cement to get into. Smooth is an enemy in this case. Follow the directions. Apply cement to both surfaces. Let it dry to hardly tacky at all. Then press together. Roll it with a roller, or tap it with a smooth faced hammer to help bond it. Some have more success with heating it a little. Tom