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  1. Leather Patch of Logo Needed

    I can do it for sure, if you haven't had it done yet.
  2. Is it still available and where is it located? Thanks
  3. Flip Flops Tutorial

    I liked the tutorial. Wish I had seen it before my trials and errors! Thank you just the same!
  4. Working Bonis Brothers S-51 sewing machine for sale. I can email video and pics of the machine. It is complete on table with work light. Originally used at Disney World. Mainly used to sew fur. Contact Jim
  5. Consew Skiving Machine

    Do you still have this machine for sale?
  6. Is this machine still available ? Please reply to Thanks
  7. Electric Skiver

    I'm contimplating buying one of those electric belt knife skiver machines. Does anyone know if they work well on curved edges? Or is there an alternative, besides a slicing knife or one of these $1000 machines to skive edge of leather for better sewing seams? Thanks for any help!
  8. Ha ha! There is no cure for the leather bug. Welcome to the site!