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  1. Alphabet Stamps for Guitar Strap

    Define “Big Letters”, it helps to know what you are looking for
  2. Hey Dude, could ya give me a call 980-621-5851 just ask for Doc 

  3. Zipper supplier needed

    I have called “zipperstop” stop, told them what I needed, guess I got a lazy salesman! If you guys can have your salesman call me at 980-621-5851. It will be a great help if I can get the lengths I need. Finding 26, 24, 22, 10 and 8 inch zippers in at least a #8 or #10 METAL not aluminum or plastic would be awesome! One place told me that I would have to order 200,each size, minimal. I believe that was the YKK company
  4. I’ve been watching most of you folks and your projects, y’all are rockin that leather work!

  5. Leatherworking stump

    How bad is it cracked now, show pictures please! My Hickory stump is a cracked pretty bad, my Red Oak (bark on) is still solid with hair line cracks. Maybe the type of wood makes a difference on the amount of cracking???
  6. New to the forum

    Where are ya located?
  7. Leatherworking stump

    LEAVE THE BARK ON! It holds in the proper amount of moisture so it won't crack as bad. I have 5 trunks, The ones with the bark left on fared far better than the ones with the bark removed, LEAVE THE BARK ON!
  8. Machine Learning Curve

    I have the Cowboy 4500, glad I have it, it's easy to learn how to sew but it's involved when you are just starting out
  9. Zipper supplier needed

    I'm trying to find a shop that will supply #8 & #10 separating brass zippers. I need 20 and 22 inch long zippers; also in need of 8 & 10 inch lengths also separating brass! I do not want to deal with plastic or China suppliers!!! Any help is welcome, do they make a #12 zipper??
  10. Where do I find one of these, sewing straight is difficult
  11. Long stitching Pony, anyone tried it?

    I'm just getting ready to cut the jaws for another stitching horse. The jaws will be 17 inches long up from base, with a wide arch to fit larger items. I want to make it so it can adjust for reach and view. A cushioned seat and strong legs! I might make a tutorial
  12. Harbor freight workbench or alternative

    I built a 2 1/2 foot by 7 foot table frame out of an old wooden swing set, used 1/2 inch plywood for the top, then covered it with 1/8 luane to protect it from due, cuts, and unwanted impactsI also acquired a one foot by four foot by 3/8 inch thick white nylon cutting board to make all my cutting on! I use an old hickory tree tree limb as my impact post to set snaps and rivets. Now I'm working on an adjustable stitching pony/horse to stand or sit while hand stitching. I made tools out of galvanized pipes, I've even picked up some 2 1/2 inch plastic rods to make mallets with, just looking for wood dowels to make handles with. You don't have to follow the rules when it comes to leather working tools, corporations want you to purchase their products, just don't waste your cash on shhtuff made in China, they won't last and it will frustrate you to no end!
  13. Long stitching Pony, anyone tried it?

    I'm planning on constructing one that will be a bit more stout, always wrap jaws in leather. Plus it will be attached to the legs on my work table and it can adjust to any height (stand or sit). Build one that works for you, not one that you find on eBay. You will build two, the first one and then one that fits you
  14. Humming Bird Stamp

    Have a set made, and use em hard
  15. Hardware That Doesn't Rust

    Thanks much Tim!