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    Most of my stuff geared towards bikers, knife sheaths, & dog collars. But always up for learning new techniques & ideas.

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    custom tooling, wet forming, etc... Always learning!
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  1. The Magic Of The East.

    WOW!!! That's amazing guy!
  2. I've Been Tooling For Week

    Looks great guy!
  3. Belt Ancient Slavic.

    Wow!!! Very nice!
  4. Shark!

    Wow Mike! Amazing!
  5. Back Pack Completed!

    Very nice! I love their Kodiak. Nice job!
  6. The Latest Barstool...da Bears!

    Mike those are great! Go Bears!
  7. Horween Vs. Wickett Vs. Hermann

    You could try Horweens Chomexcel, it usually comes 21 to 25 square feet. The stuff is great!!! I I recently bought a hide from Springfield Leather to make a bag out of.