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  2. Get well soon, Badger!

    Badger.. hang in there guy... you are one hellva good guy and hope that this pain passes fast for you
  3. quiver tubes ?

    Bree's right golf tubes work for quivers but depending on the style, you might not even need them.
  4. What did you get?

    I got a really cool head knife from a friend across the pond... that was one of the coolest gifts I have gotten in a while.. I really appreciate it Karl and Merry Christmas
  5. Mason Seat

    My hope is in God
  6. Leather Box

    looks like dwarvish runes or German runes
  7. LOL.. now I know I might have to add this to one of my labs on chemical reactions that my class is going to do in the next semester.. along with chemical copper plating
  8. yes the reaction will speed up as you warm it Rates of Reaction will also speed up if you stir it while heating I teach chem in HS...
  9. Ongoing Work on an armour

    Just wondering how you would store a piece like that during the times you were tooling up till you were done...
  10. mc seat

    Hey Scott, can you post a little bit bigger picture... I like the look of it but I would like to see it closer.. What type of bike to you have? Also did you use your original seat pan or make one?
  11. Newest seat

    Nice work David... I love watching your seats come together
  12. 8 1/2 x 11 notepad cover.

    I like it... I like the cougar now I really need to get to work on the one I was working on...
  13. Need to vent a little...

    I have a basket weave pattern that is from Kelly Tools in NZ that I love... does anyone have a number for them?
  14. my first pair of boots!

    love them.. can't wait to see more boots from you and just amazing on the first time out... you are talented
  15. Need to vent a little...

    I have a couple of the geometric pattern stamps and they are not cutting it on leaving a good impression...