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  1. Actually that's how the signature was! So the varnish worked great and if anything made it look more sharp!
  2. I decided that this application will work for me. I put a thin coat on, then let it dry for about 12 hours (just wanted to be safe ) between the next coat. I think I did 4 coats total on the signature. I am thinking I will wear them for a while, then when I notice any wearing that is interrupting the signature, I will just add one more thin coat. I will probably add an additional one if I plan on wearing them a lot for a prolonged period of time. I just want to thank EVERYONE who has helped me with so many thoughts and suggestions, I hope someone finds this on their search in the future and it helps them Final product:
  3. I heat treated and sealed the test boot with 3 very thin coats of acrylic varnish. On the tester I did one thin coat, then waiting the 10 minutes as the bottle instructed, then applied the next. To distress, I used a damp rag to scrub for about 15 minutes straight. Here are my pictures... Supplies: Before application: After application: After distress:
  4. I FINALLY got some acrylic varnish. I will heat set and try that tonight. I can't believe I started doing this 2 months ago....go me haha
  5. Update! I'm sorry it took me so long. Have been doing some wear and tear on the coated areas, I used both red and black sharpie. Both were lightened a lot by the mop and glo, and the black actually smeared. Hoping to get ahold of some clear varnish sonn, I miss my boots! Here's a picture!
  6. Well the 1st coat didn't have a finish. 2nd coat is drying now. The pen did not fade, just not sure if its actually doing any good as a finish! I will do some testing after it dries.
  7. I'm practicing with the mop n glo on the other boot. I feel like the mixture was super watery and I might have put it on too thick. When the 1st coat dries will it have a finish?
  8. So, get this. Digging under our counter I find some original Mop n Glo. Seriously. No one knew it was in there. Going shopping today so maybe I will stop at a craft store and get the Folk Art varnish, still torn between those 2. Will keep you posted!
  9. Starting to think I'm jinxed! Went to 2 stores, no one had varnish! Hopefully I can track some down this weekend.
  10. Great thanks!! Hopefully I'll get to the store tomorrow!
  11. You put it on with a sponge, would you recommend a sponge over a spongy craft brush? I would assume I wouldn't want to spray it. I will plan to do 2 thin coats and I will follow the instructions on the bottle for drying time. SHIPPING!
  12. Wow! Thank you for doing the testing!! I haven't sealed the boot yet, so I'll give the Folk Art Varnish from Wal-Mart. I've been searching to try to find something that won't cost me $25, so I haven't bought anything yet. I will probably buy some, then draw a dot on the other boot and seal it to see what the results are. I will let everyone know how it goes when I do it. Thank you again for all of the suggestions!
  13. So I have the boot masked and went to spray and I thought I would read this thread again. I looked at the bottle I bought and way down in the corner it says "fresh citrus scent" I'm assuming I shouldn't use it walmart didn't carry mop n glo here and the store I found this at only had the one bottle. It is blue. Guess I should just pay the extra to get the resolene.
  14. Ha! I'm not even experienced enough to use the resolene
  15. Ok now I'm scared! Anyone have experience with mop n glo over sharpie?