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  1. Assorted Leather for Workshop

    Thank you for letting me now. I am reposting now.
  2. I am selling all leather from my father's workshop. There are many large and small pieces, as well as scraps. I am not a leather worker, so unfortunately I can't answer any questions about weight, etc. Feel free to let my know if you have any other questions, I will get back to you as soon as I can. Also, the leather is old, so I would prefer that someone see it in person before buying. I am not looking to make a fortune off this...just want to make sure it finds a good home and is used. $2,500 or best offer. Sorry, I only want to sell everything together. I am located in north San Diego county. Photos and some high level details are posted on Craiglist.
  3. LARGE LOT Leather Hides misc sizes/colors

    Thank you both for your feedback. Trying to get my photos up on Google, so will see if this works. Leather Lot Google Photo Album I am located in north San Diego county (San Marcos, CA) and, depending on location, might be willing to meet.
  4. I am selling all hides from a leather workshop together and am asking $3,000. Photos show just some of the lot. Here is what is included in the two large boxes:26 large pieces1 extra large piece7 medium pieces4 small piecesThis is a very good variety, with assorted colors, weights and finishes. Should keep you busy for a long time!
  5. I have a large lot of leather and am looking for help in identifying the type of leather so that I can figure out how to get rid of it. This was my father's, and he passed away in a motorcycle accident. I would like to sell this at a fair price, but want to generate some interest by not asking too high of a price. Bonus if you are in the San Diego area and can come by to take a look. Thank you!!
  6. Selling Entire Leather Workshop

    I want to let everyone know I am getting things listed on eBay (username fast13205) will take some time to list everything, but the first several lots are online. Thanks for all the interest! Ian
  7. Selling Entire Leather Workshop

    Hi Everyone, Well, my wife has finally told me it's time to sell things off as lots ... I think she is looking forward to making more room in the garage! I plan on breaking things up and selling them as smaller sized lots on eBay. I want to let you all know so that you can see when they become available. I plan on listing them with a fair starting price (although that's challenging for me to determine since I don't have much knowledge of leather work) and will have the buyer pay actual shipping. My eBay name is fast13205, so I recommend setting up a search for my name so you can see as things become available. Thanks for all the support and comments over the last couple years and good luck to all of you! Happy Leather Working Ian
  8. Selling Entire Leather Workshop

    Nate - I really appreciate the note. It's good to hear your perspective. Perhaps I'll add "boat shop in a box" in my next posting! Did you use this forum or something else when you started to sell your inventory? This will be the first place I post if I decide to sell it as lots...I might even deliver to you in northern AZ. My old man loved his time in Arizona...
  9. Selling Entire Leather Workshop

    Hi Everyone, Another (another) update: It's been a while since I posted. I still have the entire lot of items for sale and am still looking to sell everything as a group if I can get the right price. I am asking $10,000. I know this is a lot, but I have done a full inventory and feel the price is very fair. If I were to sell things separate, I feel I would be able to get more than this. Clearly, selling it all as a single lot will be easier. I have been looking at options to ship and would consider using a company called U-Pack. I will pack everything in a container locally and the buyer would pick up at a location near your home. Rates seem reasonable for the size and weight. Buyer would be responsible for the actual shipping cost and we can work together to get the right solution for the right cost. Thanks again for your patience and continued interest... Ian
  10. Selling Entire Leather Workshop

    Hi Everyone, Another quick update: I still have buyers interested in purchasing everything. Please reach out to me if you are, too. I suspect I'll have followed with all potential buyers (of everything) and will be ready to sell as lots in the next one to two months. (Perhaps just in time for your Christmas shopping.) Also,I am still keeping a list of everyone that has already contacted me. Thanks for your patience and continued interest... Ian
  11. Selling Entire Leather Workshop

    Hi Everyone, A quick update: I have someone swinging by next weekend that may purchase everything. If the interested party does not purchase everything and I don't have anyone else contact me between now and then, I will sell individual lots. This will be first come first served and I am keeping a list of everyone that has already contacted me. I hope to post the by-lot price list by next weekend. Thanks for your patience and continued interest. Happy Leather working... Ian
  12. Selling Entire Leather Workshop

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the interest. I want to post a quick update here and then I will respond to everyone that sent PMs. I am very busy with work during the week (Mon-Fri), so please be patient when it comes to email responses. I will do my best to respond within a couple days, but may not get caught up on emails until the weekend. I am looking for a buyer to buy the entire workshop first. After a couple weeks, I will open it up and sell this off in lots. I hope you can understand the amount of time it takes to sort through all the pieces and handle things separate. It is also challenging because I don't know much when it comes to leather work, so it isn't easy for me to answer specific questions about tools, leather, etc. Again, I ask for your patience. I am working on creating a price list by lot and will post as soon as I am done. In the meantime, don't be afraid to send me offers. Please let me know if you cannot access the file that lists all the items by lot. I know at least one person had difficulty with this, so I am looking to post the list of items using an alternate method. Best Regards, Ian
  13. Selling Entire Leather Workshop

    Hi Steadybrook, Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, I don't know how to differentiate saddle leather from any other piece of leather. Sorry. What I do know is that there is a LOT of leather! If you see anything that resembles it in the photos, I can take close-ups to help answer the question. Thanks, Ian
  14. Help with attachments

    I am unable to post an Excel file. Is this an allowable type of file to post? It is small, so I should not be limited by file size. I would like to post a list of items I am selling in the For Sale area. Thank you!