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  1. Singer 78-3 Leather Needles

    I think I have a set of those, I'll have to give them a try. Thanks for the picture!
  2. Singer 78-3 Leather Needles

    I managed to find some 135x16 needles locally and was able to get the machine to produce some beautiful stitches! Thank you all for your help. One new question, the feet that were on it looks to be a piping setup, with sharp teeth that was marking the leather. The machine came with several feet, do either of you have pictures of which feet you prefer for most of your leatherwork?
  3. Singer 78-3 Leather Needles

    Thank you all for your help! Now that you say this, I can't help but wonder if the machine has already been adjusted. I think several of the boxes of needles that came with it said they were size 135x17. It's been interesting trying to decode the encryption that they use on these sewing machine needles! Unfortunately the previous owner is no longer with us, I would have liked to pick his brain about a machine he obviously used and cared for. Leecopp, the Singer 78 1,2,3 manual I found thanks to this site has a page that mentions what parts are different on the -3, but as a newb, I wasn't able to interpret the significance of the differences.
  4. Hello all, I just picked up my first sewing machine, an old Singer 78-3. It seems to be in good functional order, but the prior owner only did upholstery. It came with a ton of standard point needles, but none of the cutting point needles for leather. Looking at the manual, it says the needle variety is "16x100" for leatherwork. I have not been able to find these anywhere, and none of the compatibility tables I have found list alternatives. Does anyone have experience with what needles this machine takes, or can point me in the direction of where to find the old 16x100 type? I would like to run up to the 138 thread I have read that this machine is capable of, which sounds like either a size 22 or 23, correct? Thanks!