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  1. I would love to see the English as well! I just pm'd you my email address. As I mentioned, my mom was a saddle maker and specialized in sidesaddles. I used to ride aside in my teens, have done clinics and seminars, manned booths and always get a little rush of excitement when I hear someone mention sidesaddles. I have a few nice ones that need work as well as a few that are going to be complete rebuilds. I don't have a sidesaddle problem, I can stop collecting them any time I want. ;-)
  2. Thanks cowboycolonel and Rossr for the guidance. For some reason I didn't get notification of your replies. I'll let my friend know what the thought is about it being one off and about the option of having the tool made. It's good to have such a resource! I can safely say we (my little sidesaddle fixing chat group) would all love to see pictures of it if you'd be willing to share!
  3. Hello all, Looking for a rising (or setting) sun camouflage tool to match what is on this strap of this vintage sidesaddle. The saddle could be anywhere from 80-120 years old. The strap was broken and someone used nails to "repair" it. The owner said she will only replace the whole strap if she can match the tooling exactly. Otherwise, we trim, skive, overlap and stitch where the break is. I haven't seen this particular tool before so am hoping someone in the community has. If it's available, we would be ecstatic. Thanks in advance! Anita
  4. I am interested! Will PM you.
  5. If you happen to come up with any more, I'm still interested. Thanks!
  6. For someone like me who has a Dremel tool but no drill press, the little burnisher is the best tool for the job and, as many others have said, I don't think it is overpriced for the quality of product and usefulness of it. Never assume no one will want something you make. If you make it well, they will buy. :-)
  7. English Saddlery School

    I don't know how/when I'll be able to work it out, but I was hoping to eventually. I actually took the Basic/Level 1 Bridle class and Bench Flocking class that Ian and Andrew Hastilow taught 2 years ago in Maryland, USA. My mom was a self taught saddle maker and specialized in sidesaddles. She passed away nearly 3 years ago now, but I kept her tools and supplies. I have 3 sidesaddles (a C&W, an Owen and an unmarked) in various stages of discontent, that I had bought for my mom to restore, which will sit in my garage until I figure out how to do it myself. I know conceptually how they are done, but not the step by step, nuts and bolts of the process. When I saw your statement on your website that your most cherished prize is the one you won for your sidesaddle, I knew you were the one I needed to connect with if I can ever afford to do this!
  8. English Saddlery School

    Hi gmace99/George, I'm interested in the classes you offer and yes, I did the math and I could spend 5-6 weeks of classes in Scotland. I'm not sure when I'll be able to make it work, might have to do some creative accounting, but I'm setting it as a nebulous goal right now! I'll pm more tomorrow, but my immediate question: after looking at the dates on your website, do you do your 1:1 private classes in the weeks between the scheduled/group classes? Thanks!
  9. More Spring Cleaning Stamps!

    HI Mike, I'd like the two geometrics (geometric shape and corner geometric) as well as the $5 set. I'll pm you for more info. Thanks!
  10. Custom Leather Stamps

    Hi Ron, I just caught this thread from the bump. Are you sticking with stamps or could you do embossing rolls? I'm not sure if the acrylic would work, but I have my mom's old Randall Machine Company embossing machine with a couple of rolls. but finding the unique vintage rolls/wheels for it is next to impossible. I found a couple of border/bar illustrations that I think would be cool as an embossing wheel pattern. Just wondering if the acrylic would be a reasonable option. It's always good to have options!
  11. sstalker has a set posted below if they haven't sold yet.
  12. Side Saddle

    Hi all, I know this is an old post, but I saw this thread and wanted to mention that Lillian Chaudhary was my mom and passed away in July of 2014. I've kept all of her tools and have a couple of sidesaddles I had bought to have her restore, but didn't get done. I'm hoping to gradually build my skills doing smaller projects and then eventually restore the two sidesaddles. DJ1935, my mom specialized in western sidesaddles, so I may be able to help if you are still looking for info. I know the Australian sidesaddle riders are always looking for saddlers who are familiar with sidesaddles. If anyone has any questions about sidesaddles, I'm happy to answer or try to point you in the right direction. Thanks, Anita
  13. Machine Longevity

    Hi Wiz, I have a quick question on the old Singer machine. I have inherited my mom's machines and one is a Singer 7-27. Is that the same as the model 27 you are referring to? I'd like to find any info and or manual - if there is such a thing for it. I'm just starting to look it up right now, so I will probably find some info, but curious for your comment. Thanks!
  14. Carved Roses Cuff

    Thanks ferg. I think you may be right. It seems like it got soaked and dried out fast because the leather is fairly thin. A ) How can you tell by looking at it that it was too wet when tooled? B ) How do you keep moisture consistent while you are tooling when it's thin leather? Thanks Rohn. I'll try the Gum Tragacanth and see how that does. I took a short (1 week) basic class in Nov '14 from a bridler from England and her secret was that they use powdered pigment and mix their own black dye and add a bit of what we call wood glue to the mix. You apply the dye and rub the edge with the grain with a piece of denim and it turns out smooth and glossy. I didn't know how to get the same effect if I'm not using the glue dye. I'll figure it out though. I have another friend who wants a cuff like this one but in a mahogany or darker color. I'm wondering if I could add a little wood glue to the mahogany dye and see if I can get a similar result.
  15. This is my first project. I used an old Craftaid belt pattern and just used one section for the length of the cuff. I didn't have the tools recommended on the Craftaid, but did the best I could with the basic set I have. I am going to look up the tools recommended and see how different they are from the ones I have and if I do more of these cuffs (there is interest), then I might justify acquiring a few more tools. I tried burnishing the edges using a leather conditioner, but it didn't seem to have the effect I was expecting. I'll try a few other things and see if I get better results. Thanks for looking!