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  1. Thanks for that - some really nice tools on display
  2. I dropped on this Instagram page Whether this refers to someone who makes tools or sells them I have no clue, but the tools illustrated look amazing. The web site does not work for me.
  3. That is a great idea for holding the belt in place. Have you tried it for burnishing? By the way, what are the tensioning devices called? Thanks for sharing
  4. Does anyone ever get into this section?
  5. Excellent work Gordon, both the buckles and the straps. I love the fact that you made all from scratch.
  6. Could you please provide a link to the high end Chinese tools?
  7. I use 3M tape at 0.25" width. In some circumstances, I find it better than glue.
  8. I am beginning to think that it does not exist any more!!
  9. Has anyone been admitted recently?
  10. this is also worth a look at
  11. Can I have access please?
  12. Thanks for the rapid response, it has helped me find this tutorial (King's X - I think this is the one you referred to) So easy when someone shows you how........
  13. I have been asked by a friend to make a dog lead similar to this one. I believe thee knot is called a "bleed knot" I have searched around but can't find clear details of how to do it. It is unclear to me if it should be done with 2 long slits or several short ones. Can anyone help please?