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  1. Was the one in Manchester one Joseph Segal (Buckles Express)? You can get Chicago screws and Sam Brownes from Green Grizzly
  2. Burnishing Machine Rotation Speed

    Thanks for your helpful replies. I am going to go along with the drill press suggestion.
  3. Burnishing Machine Rotation Speed

    According to the machine description, it has s variable speed function. That's what interested me. But it does seem to be too cheap to be any good??
  4. Burnishing Machine Rotation Speed

    I have just seen this What do you think?
  5. I am considering either buying a machine ( Or, possibly converting a bench grinder that I have. The question I am asking, is about the RPM. Both options have a RPM of about 3000, which I thought was a bit high. Is it possible to burnish safely, without generating too much heat with 3000RPM? I notice that the Cobra machine has a speed of 2-3000RPM Can the high speed be compensated for by reducing the pressure applied?
  6. Lined with chevre

    That is a beautifully made wallet. The attention to detail justifies the price tag
  7. Ah, now I get it! I didn't order the trial pack, I went straight in with an order for 3*125ml bottles hence the post cost
  8. Yes, I am in Derbyshire, England, but never saw any offer of free shipping.
  9. You must have been lucky I placed an order to UK and paid €9.92 Still not bad though
  10. Edge paint

    Having read through this thread (thanks for the info) I think I will get Giardini product. I am mainly making wallets and knife pouches by hand, and will be using a conical hand applicator. Do I get the the dense or semi dense?
  11. Using a wooden strap cutter should give a neat, square edge providing that you use a sharp blade. Also, adjust the cutter to the thickness of the strap. To avoid the wood edge from marking the strap, you can glue a bit of thin leather inside.
  12. Hello there, Do you buy your Giardini product in UK or import it? I have looked for it without success
  13. Korean Leather Tools

    Thanks for that - some really nice tools on display
  14. Korean Leather Tools

    I dropped on this Instagram page Whether this refers to someone who makes tools or sells them I have no clue, but the tools illustrated look amazing. The web site does not work for me.