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  1. Burnishing Machine Rotation Speed

    Thanks for your helpful replies. I am going to go along with the drill press suggestion.
  2. Burnishing Machine Rotation Speed

    According to the machine description, it has s variable speed function. That's what interested me. But it does seem to be too cheap to be any good??
  3. Burnishing Machine Rotation Speed

    I have just seen this What do you think?
  4. I am considering either buying a machine ( Or, possibly converting a bench grinder that I have. The question I am asking, is about the RPM. Both options have a RPM of about 3000, which I thought was a bit high. Is it possible to burnish safely, without generating too much heat with 3000RPM? I notice that the Cobra machine has a speed of 2-3000RPM Can the high speed be compensated for by reducing the pressure applied?
  5. Lined with chevre

    That is a beautifully made wallet. The attention to detail justifies the price tag
  6. Ah, now I get it! I didn't order the trial pack, I went straight in with an order for 3*125ml bottles hence the post cost
  7. Yes, I am in Derbyshire, England, but never saw any offer of free shipping.
  8. You must have been lucky I placed an order to UK and paid €9.92 Still not bad though
  9. Edge paint

    Having read through this thread (thanks for the info) I think I will get Giardini product. I am mainly making wallets and knife pouches by hand, and will be using a conical hand applicator. Do I get the the dense or semi dense?
  10. Using a wooden strap cutter should give a neat, square edge providing that you use a sharp blade. Also, adjust the cutter to the thickness of the strap. To avoid the wood edge from marking the strap, you can glue a bit of thin leather inside.
  11. Hello there, Do you buy your Giardini product in UK or import it? I have looked for it without success
  12. Korean Leather Tools

    Thanks for that - some really nice tools on display
  13. Korean Leather Tools

    I dropped on this Instagram page Whether this refers to someone who makes tools or sells them I have no clue, but the tools illustrated look amazing. The web site does not work for me.
  14. That is a great idea for holding the belt in place. Have you tried it for burnishing? By the way, what are the tensioning devices called? Thanks for sharing