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  1. Still can't find these parts !! Any help would sure be appreciated.
  2. These parts are going on to a Singer 45K69. Thank you very much for any assistance you care to offer. Thank you.
  3. Just brought a singer 29k

    Your welcome. Did you notice the small, numerical list of the parts with names, it may help identify what some parts do..
  4. Just brought a singer 29k

    29K53 Parts Manual http://dixiesewingmachine.tzo.com/MANUALS/SINGERPARTS1/29K51,K53,K55,K56.pdf
  5. Would anyone be able to post a close-up picture of the Throat Plate Channeling Knife that's used in a Singer 45K69 leather shoe soling machine (perhaps others)? I'm nearing completion of a 45K69 restoration and may have to fabricate the channeling knife. It cuts the protective groove in the shoe sole that the thread lays in. Other than these images ( small, medium and large sizes) from the parts manual, I have no detail on the actual shape of the cutting end. The knife fits in that slot in the throat plate in the picture and is held in place with the screw. Thank you, thank you very much.
  6. singer45k25

    My 45K25 is disassembled at the moment (see photos above). This is the underside of a 45K53, it may be similar to a 45K25, because the 91163 part you've shown above is common to both subclasses. Others may comment.
  7. Source for Red Consew Badge? 206RB

    If you're interested enough to have one made, you might contact the Antique Fan Collectors Association museum. They do vintage fan restorations and have many sources.....old type lacquers, cloth covered wire, custom parts and etc. The number is 1-317-733-4113, www.fanimation.com/museum Perhaps they can direct you to someone who can assist you.
  8. Help with singer 99k

    Here's a 99-1 parts list with hand crank (no pictures). http://dixiesewingmachine.tzo.com/MANUALS/SINGERPARTS5/99-1.pdf Here's a 99-13 parts list showing pictures to scale. http://dixiesewingmachine.tzo.com/MANUALS/SINGERPARTS5/99-13.pdf I believe you'll find many of the part numbers for the two machines are the same, so together the lists should be useful.
  9. Simanco part number 91716. Would you please let me know what you have? Thank you. Here's a picture
  10. Video of an industrial sewing motor pulley being made

    Thanks for sharing Gregg - I too enjoyed the video - quite educational. That fellow must have a fine machine shop.
  11. Stitch length maxes out too early

    That's impressive Uwe.
  12. Crazy stitching

    We've had this handheld postage scale around here for years, the range is 0-8 ounces. Might be interesting to actually check the upper and lower tensions on a few leather projects. Easy enough to do.
  13. Crazy stitching

    Is the needle in correctly?
  14. I'm restoring two Singer 45 industrial machines and would like to buy a couple of original Simanco presser feet, feed dogs and throat plates. Would you please PM the Simanco part number, a picture showing the part number and a price? Thank you.
  15. Would the twist (LH or RH) of the thread in the right throw bobbin of this machine cause the problem with the stitch?
  16. New toy

    Reddturtle, Do you bet on long shots? Here's one - several months ago I attended a leather show in Jeffersonville, Indiana, home of the former Bauer Sewing Machine Co., and happened to meet Mr. Greg Sartor, President of Silver Creek Leather Company, 812) 945-8520, https://www.realeather.com/about. Silver Creek has been in business in Jeffersonville, In. since 2002. I'm thinking Mr. Sartor might have some information on the Bauer Company or a lead or two for you to pursue. Good luck.
  17. Hi Jimi, can't complain, we're doing okay here, thank you. Looking forward to the pics, not to worry, I would never laugh at you. All the best.
  18. Singer45K, If you're planning to make 45K feet and want to do a couple extras, would you please let me know? I've been trying to find them.
  19. New toy

    Some of these may be useful. The first link is offering instruction and parts manual for the Bauer. http://pages.sewing-machine-manuals.com/173/PictPage/3923886827.html http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/78217-bauer-1919-harness-machine/
  20. Screwdivers

    It's pretty amazing, cost $63.13 delivered in 1996.
  21. Screwdivers

    This is the only set I've ever used.....bought it in 1996. It normally resides in a leather saddle bag on my Harley. https://www.specialized.net/wadsworth-super-deluxe-mini-ratchet-screwdriver-set-4-52-pc.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIif_G_8Sf2wIV3LjACh3rYwdLEAQYASABEgIz__D_BwE
  22. Sewing machine repair book.

    When I was first getting familiar with restoring some Singer machines , I learned a tremendous amount from this U. S. Naval training manual. Sewing machines start at Ch. 4, (page 53). http://militarynewbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/NAVEDTRA-14217-Aircrew-Survival-Equipmentman-1-C.pdf