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  1. i guess my question is, what's the difference between the feibing's leather dye and the suede dye? is it the same stuff?
  2. can you use fiebing's leather dye to dye suede? a friend brought over a pink suede guitar strap and he wants it to be a darker brown. thanks
  3. Cartridge Loops Question

    just what i was looking for.
  4. Adult Section Request

    i'll drink to that.
  5. a pyx is the comtainer that holds holy communion hosts that are given to people unable to attend church. a burse holds the pyx. my sister in law goes to nursing homes and give communion. she had an el cheepo burse and asked me to make her one. it must be made of leather and have a leather strap to hang around the neck. the strap is a leather shoelace.
  6. the first thing i thought was "i like the angle of the basket weave" it's something like i never saw before. that's what art is all about, doing something different.
  7. Granite Chopping Board Help

    i just talked to a granite counter top place a couple of days ago. they had scrap pieces laying around and they said i could have a piece for no charge.
  8. From The Frozen Tundra

    bagga here from green bay, wi. about 4 miles from lambeau field. here's some S&W j frame pocket holsters and a kidney belt i made. i came here to look around and decided to join.