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  1. The tool used looks like one from a French company Eprose. You can see it here: http://www.eprose.fr/hand-use-pen-kit-for-dying-edges.html They have some great tools but are pricey. Kevin
  2. Is there a supplier for poly cutting board?

    I have used US Plastic to get mine. Here is a link to an example: https://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=35220&catid=705 They have various materials and thicknesses. Enjoy, Kevin
  3. Mini Oblong Hole Punch

    Hi, Have you looked at http://www.lekoza.com? They have Vergez Blanchard (VB) oblong hole punches and if you are looking for something smaller, contact forum member Matt T who owns Lekoza and he can order the VB oval punches. You just have to be patient as they will be added to a future order and may take a few weeks to arrive. I have ordered from him before and found his service to be as promised. I have just ordered a couple of items from him from VB that he doesn't normally stock and he gave me an estimated lead time. Kevin