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  1. I take one of the sets. Send me the PayPal info. Chris
  2. Are you two insinuating that the talking heads on the news may not always state the facts as they really are and may have an agenda other telling us the truth??? Tell me it ain't so. Next I guess you'll try to tell me that all that I read on the internet isn't necessarily fact either.
  3. Greetings from Central Florida

    I was born in Sarasota in '56 and moved out in '05, so if you think you saw some changes you can imagine what I was saddened to see happen to the home state. My ex-wife and I had a Rottie rescue after we moved to Arcadia. Doing any type of animal rescue can give a dim view of some humans. Chris
  4. Stool Seat Cover Options?

    If you don't get any responses try contacting immiketoo on this site. I'm pretty sure he makes stools and could give you some input. Chris
  5. Jerimiah Watt quick change edging tool

    What was his method of sharpening them? Chris
  6. Cutting board

    US Plastics also have them in varying sizes and thicknesses Chris
  7. Help finding a rivet setter adapter

    Here's one. I don't know if its the one you were looking for ChriJ
  8. Dyeing or finishing flesh side

    I've used TanKote to lay down the flesh side of the leather and it seemed to work well. Chris
  9. Stitching Pony $50

    Any idea what the shipping would be to Oklahoma? Chris
  10. Bob Park Edge Marker?!?!? WHAT?!?!

    You can message him on this site and he'll give you the information on ordering. Lisa Sorrel also has some that are more like a sharpie. I have both but haven't used either yet but they look like they'll do the job well Chris
  11. Tandy Re-fillable Dye Pens

    I don't know about the ones from Tandy but the ones I've got have a plug on the end opposite of the tip that pulls out and you put the dye in that way. A syringe makes the job easier and less of a mess. Chris
  12. Cash flow (or not)

    Yep, we're all paying for it. The banks and credit card companies write it off as a cost of doing business. And the ones that are doing it just use the info they have until the card is closed, then move on to the next victim because they know that no one is going to try to follow up on it. Would cost too much, cheaper to put money back in the victim's account. The one's who used my account had to give an address for the online purchase and it would have to be a good address so they would get their ill gotten booty. Easy enough to follow up on but of course no one will! Rant over Chris
  13. Cash flow (or not)

    Been there done that. On my way to work tried to use my debit card and it was denied which was strange because I knew there was money in the account. Went online to check the account and during the night someone had made two purchases at a Walmart in Lawton, OK and one at a Walmart in Wichita Falls, Tx totaling $1275.00 before the card company shut the card down. At least they didn't get the stuff they tried to get online from Ralph Lauren. Fortunately it was placed back in my account. ChriJ