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  1. mutt, sometimes you have to suffer for fashion
  2. I wish I was that "not good" at wallets... Looks pretty good to me. Chris
  3. Nyah nyah nyah NYAH NYAH!

    I've got six figures in the bank....if you count the two on the right side of the decimal
  4. Stamp i.d.

    Barry Kings has several similar styles listed under Geometrics. I think the small circle in the corners were done with a seeder Chris
  5. I take one of the sets. Send me the PayPal info. Chris
  6. Are you two insinuating that the talking heads on the news may not always state the facts as they really are and may have an agenda other telling us the truth??? Tell me it ain't so. Next I guess you'll try to tell me that all that I read on the internet isn't necessarily fact either.
  7. Greetings from Central Florida

    I was born in Sarasota in '56 and moved out in '05, so if you think you saw some changes you can imagine what I was saddened to see happen to the home state. My ex-wife and I had a Rottie rescue after we moved to Arcadia. Doing any type of animal rescue can give a dim view of some humans. Chris
  8. Stool Seat Cover Options?

    If you don't get any responses try contacting immiketoo on this site. I'm pretty sure he makes stools and could give you some input. Chris
  9. Jerimiah Watt quick change edging tool

    What was his method of sharpening them? Chris
  10. Cutting board

    US Plastics also have them in varying sizes and thicknesses Chris
  11. Help finding a rivet setter adapter

    Here's one. I don't know if its the one you were looking for ChriJ
  12. Dyeing or finishing flesh side

    I've used TanKote to lay down the flesh side of the leather and it seemed to work well. Chris