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  1. DIY Hot Leather Stamp

    Hi guys I'm looking to make a stamping machine from a 1 ton Arbour press and a brass stamp. I would like to heat the stamp and regulate the tempature however not sure what I could use to do this. Any ideas?
  2. Makers Mark & Hot Foil Machine in UK

    Can't wait to see your write up! And do these work ok?
  3. Hi guys, I have reached the point in my leather craft journey where I feel the need to stamp my products with a maker’s mark. However, I am having a few issues on deciding the best course of action on how to do this. Ideally I would love to be able to use a brass stamp to heat emboss my logo into leather and at the same time be able to use gold foil to stamp customer’s names etc. onto products. In the USA I can see you have access to vintage hot foil machines that look like they will do both of the above with ease. However, in the UK I’m not aware of a reasonable priced machine that will do the same. Now I’m stuck do I buy a expensive Chinese machine say £300-400 or do I just order a brass stamp and heat it with heat gun and attach it to a arbour press?
  4. Roller die

    Exactly what I was looking at
  5. Laser cut acrylic stamp

    I have recently deiscovered that there is a club who provide access to a laser cuter and CNC machine right down the street from me. I'm in the need of making my own makers mark stamp and was wondering do you think an acrylic stamp laser cut would handle the pressure of being pressed into leather?
  6. Roller die

    Funny you should say that was just looking at pasta machines
  7. Roller die

    Has anyone used roller pins that have been engraved to create patterns?
  8. Dog collars

    Thanks for the reply, I'm looking to just crest simple belt style collars nothing fancy no tooling or stamping. We are going to be using solid brass hardware however looking at which rivets would be suitable ATM. What reasons would you use bridal over veg tan?
  9. Roller die

    Anyone know where I can order continuous pattern rollers from? Ideally from the Uk
  10. Dog collars

    Hey guys I'm working on my first big project where I'm looking to make around 50-100 dog collars. I'm planning on doing 3/4 colours and 4 different sizes. I'm already designing the template for each and thinking about making a jig that will hold each strap to ensure that holes are punched quickly and accurately. I have a few questions however ; 1. Do you think 3.5mm shoulder would be ok? 2. What dyes do you think I should use? I like more muted colours and have experience at oil dyes. However would these leak or have bad affect on dogs? 3. Who finish to weather seal it? Bees wax? (I have blocks of this) Acrylic Resolene? Or anything else that wouldn't harm a dog. thanks for your help
  11. Thin leather for top layer of watch strap

    Sorry just watched video again and caught what he is using.
  12. Hi guys I'm new to leather craft however have made a few projects already. Currently I'm working on a new watch strap for my Apple Watch. I want to design the strap to have a top and bottom layer all stuck to some 1mm veg tan. I have already purchased some soft napa that I will use for the base (lining) layer. I'm however stuck what to use as a top layer. To be honest I'm not sure what to look for? And where to look. What is think patterened leather callled? Skin? Where would I find said leather? This video shows the process I am following.
  13. Measure project pattern

    Thanks I guess it's trial and error untill you get the perfect fit, may end up with a few sleeves while experimenting. so the formulare would be stitch bleed + leather thickness + 1/2 item thickness (each side) + item with/length = cut size is this correct?
  14. Measure project pattern

    Hey guys I'm relatively new to leatherwork and pattern making. However I'm trying to create a personal gift for a relative. The item is a iPad sleeve that allows them to carry both their iPad and their Bellini keyboard cover. I have designed the case by measuring the width / length and thickness of both iPad and keyboard and them drawn a shap that is equal to this plus the half of the thickness on each side. I have factored in about 3mm for a sewing edge also. i have cut his in paper but nervous it's not going to work on learher. My question is have I measured this correctly?