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    Surfing, skating, snowboarding, spearfishing, swimming, tennis.

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    Guitar straps, pick guards, belts and keychains.

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  1. GrayHallidayJr

    Kids Belt

    Haha, I feel a lot better about how long it takes me to do a belt! Thanks for the encouragement. Re: the tooled belt, I have one that’s all hand tooled with my name stamped across the back. Stitched too. I had it done at a state fair in Indiana, as I recall. I can’t imagine someone on site banging out belts that quick!
  2. GrayHallidayJr

    Kids Belt

    It’s time for me to make myself a new one. Been field testing my last one everyday for the last three years. It’s held up well, but my skill and tool chest has improved a bit since then. I like the way this one turned out. Maybe I’ll convert it to grown up size. Watch out for that kid. Haha.
  3. GrayHallidayJr

    Bifold w/ coin pouch - Italian Camo & Buttero

    Super nice!
  4. GrayHallidayJr

    Kids Belt

    Thanks! Made this one for my cousin’s kid. He’s a thunderball. I’ve still got my tooled belt from when I was a kid. Hope he keeps this one as a childhood momento. Thanks! I’m going to try to scale back production a bit to focus on improving quality. I got busy before trying to keep up with demand. It took all of the fun out of it, hurrying the artistic piece. Each one takes me a long time to make. A question for everyone; How owe long does it take for you to make a belt?
  5. GrayHallidayJr

    Kids Belt

    A badass kids belt.
  6. GrayHallidayJr

    Cinnamon Girl Good Luck Belt

    Thank you! A Neal Young song reference for a cute hippie girl. She knows a lot about the moon. Thanks! Thank you! I’m still trying to do traditional Sheridan style. It always comes out messed up. Like an adolescent cartoonist got hold of some leather tools. Thanks! Definitely dialing in the detail work more. Discovering new ways to achieve better results. I’ve never taken a class or anything so I’m just making stuff up as I go along. Thanks! It’s a bit wacky. It’s always inspiring to see the work of others. It makes me want to improve.
  7. GrayHallidayJr

    Cinnamon Girl Good Luck Belt

    Thanks! Inspiration and creativity comes and goes at their own pace. Was able to bottle some up over the break.
  8. GrayHallidayJr

    Cinnamon Girl Good Luck Belt

    Thank You! Good to be back. I was feeling a little out of practice and this one took longer than before I took a 9 month break. I moved and had my tools boxed away. Just took a long time to get unpacked and set up.
  9. GrayHallidayJr

    Cinnamon Girl Good Luck Belt

  10. GrayHallidayJr

    Cinnamon Girl Good Luck Belt

    It’s been a while since I’ve been at the bench. Here’s one for a cinnamon girl.
  11. GrayHallidayJr


    Uh, that’s a self portrait...
  12. GrayHallidayJr


    Thank you! Thank you! This one took about three days. After a three week break from drawing and carving I was swept up by some inspiration. Thank you! Some of the starburst coloring turned out real nice on this one. Nice fades. Everybody likes the bright colors but white is the hardest to do right. There’s a lot of white on this one. Getting consistency on that counter, dove and subway tiles was a challenge. Starting to create some options for the Leather Show competition in Prescott.
  13. GrayHallidayJr


    Yes, it is a robot in underpants.
  14. GrayHallidayJr


    Thank you! Thank you!
  15. GrayHallidayJr

    "SLASHER" Jack the Ripper Tribute

    I want to be modest and say the right thing like, “I have no business being compared to those heroes’” but all I’m doing is that happy dog “air scratch’” thing. Thanks, Man!