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  1. Uwe-----This is fantastic, and I don't know how to tell you how much I appreciate your video. NOW---Because of your education I have been able to pinpoint the issue and I have FINALLY found a repair guy in Chicago that understands the problem and can address it. My biggest problem before was that I didn't know what the problem was and so making certain I had the right repair person was problematic. I'm expecting a happy ending here; I want to thank EVERYONE here for their input.
  2. Wizcrafts, Uwe, and others--- ok so I pulled out that gauge and yes before I did that i moved it around and tried again to sew with no effect whatsoever.. I'm starting to suspect that that button is the issue? Do you agree? Ok so what should I do next?
  3. I have GREATLY APPRECIATED everyone's commentary!! Give me a day to try out your ideas and I'll report back. XO
  4. I appreciate all the commentary here.. just so you know I called in a sewing repairman and he can't figure it out but had never worked with a running foot before, just home models. The machine is now oiled and cleaned to the hilt. So now I'm really depressed.. Uwe---I removed the belt, the engine OFF, and moved the wheel counter clockwise as you suggest but the machine is still sewing in place/backwards. I guess when I move the wheel manually it's more of an 'in place' stitch. There is what appears to be a stitch length knob on the side of the wheel but seems to have no affect no matter how it is moved. Is it possible the walking foot is not working properly? This is odd because the only thing I sewed on it was a quilt! No heavy leathers at all, but is it somehow misaligned?
  5. Thank you Dikman and Uwe! Is it at all possible that it is simply a walking foot problem? or do you feel strongly that it's the motor?
  6. @dikman please elaborate if you can. Thank you
  7. Thank you for the advice!! I'll try your suggestions tomorrow. If you think of anything else please let me know.
  8. CSM68

    Hi from Chicago!

    Hi everyone! I'm Chris from Chicago (actually a northern suburb) and I'm a designer who is into sewing of all types, upholstery, lost wax bronze casting, and gardening. Just getting into leather because WHY NOT? If you're local give me a shout, I'd love to know you. Warmest Regards!
  9. CSM68

    Cosplayer from Florida

    Very cool stuff!!! Wish we were closer; I'm in Chicago. You might want to connect with Fetlife.com, there are a TON of cosplay peeps there and it may be a source of business.
  10. Can you help? Chicago member here and NEW on this machine, which I inherited from my mom. I'm a lifetime seamstress (about 38 years, I guess). Machine was not used for about 35 years so I oiled it up, all seemed fine, I knocked out a quilt, but then it seems to be sewing BACKWARDS. Feed dog issue? HELP! I've only used regular machines all my life so go easy on me, assume I'm a total beginner on this machine because I AM! Please help, I'm tearing my hair out.