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  1. Leather inlays

    Looking where to get leather inlay patterns for gun holsters and vest. Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.
  2. Belt Buckles

    I got in about 500 of these belt buckles and wanted to see if anyone needed any. They are 7mm deep to inlay in them. My cost was 5.00 each so selling for 5.00 each. I have picutres they will not load up on here. Email me at and I will send them.
  3. Looking for belt buckles to go with leather belts.

    Thank you everyone.
  4. I know this maybe a long shot but I'm looking for Oval Flat Rope Border Antique Silver Belt Buckle Base 4mm inlay center flat. Thank you for any help finding. Looking to buy around 100 of them to start with.
  5. Westren Diamondback rattlesnake skin for inlays

    This are done a little different and I make wallets, hat bands, leather vest with inlays, have done knifes in the past and I have not had a problem. As far as the scales flaking off with the end process no scales will flake off when we send the skins I will brush before hand so there should be no trouble. If anyone orders hides from me I will help if you have any questions or problems.
  6. Westren Diamondback rattlesnake skin for inlays

    I appreciate all the help I can get since I'm new to this forum.
  7. Westren Diamondback rattlesnake skin for inlays

    As far as the process I use to tan it is a mix that does have glycerin in it.
  8. Westren Diamondback rattlesnake skin for inlays

    Here are a few pictures of the skins. I have but a smaller skin and a closer view of one of the bigger skins. I have more pictures but the site keeps saying I'm over the limit. I do have skins with the rattles and without up to the buyer if they need the rattle or not. on tanned hides 39"-43" is 33.50/ 44"-48" is 48.50/ 48"-52" is 55.50. I also have frozen hides that go for a 1.00 an inch 39"-48" above that the bigger snakes from 50" up is 2.00 an inch.
  9. Westren Diamondback rattlesnake skin for inlays

    Thank you for the advice.
  10. Westren Diamondback rattlesnake skin for inlays

    The method I use to tan is to soak the hides in my formula for 7 days and then stretch them out to dry. What sizes hides should I take pictures of I have any where from 24 inch to 64 inch hides.
  11. Westren Diamondback rattlesnake skin for inlays

    They will sell you individual skins you don't have to buy bunch.
  12. Just letting everyone know if you are looking for wholesale prices on western diamondback rattlesnake skins there is a wholesale dealer out of Texas. email to get prices on what you need.