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  1. I've been trying to find that elastic for ten years now. I think Ariat has it made for them. I do alot of repairs and alterations. Could make way more money!
  2. searched all over, but cant find anything in the archives. got a huge problem with my shotgun show chaps i'm trying to figure out. i've made 3 pair over the last couple years and two of them, the side seam (zipper with fringe) "twists" around the leg as it gets closer to the boot. this last pair twists almost all the way around! i'm using the old Tandy pattern pack. funny though, i've made like a couple hundred pair of motorcycle chaps over the years, and not a single problem. weird. is there something i'm missing guys? ANY help would be awesome!
  3. really. no one knows about this machine? come'on guys, help me save this machine. throw the dog a bone. and what does the "time oneline" mean? been on here a little longer than 36m.
  4. customer had an old sewing machine in her barn, asked me if i wanted it. she said it was an industrial machine. needless to say, i went to look at it. did not "know" the machine, but it turned nice and smooth so i brought it home to save it from a probable death by neglect. its a Singer 251-12. cant find hardly ANYTHING on this machine online. anyone know what this machine is for, when was production, etc. if nothing else, i think it would be good for my test garments. thank for any info anybody can give.
  5. i've been ordering from Springfield since the mid '90s. NOTHING but good to say about Kevin and the girls. was down in Texas in the "craft shop" (some of you know what i mean) when i got turned on to SP, never had a issue, and Kevin NEVER takes advantage of that situation. in fact, he does his best to help those guys. Kevin will get the bulk of my orders cause "he gets it"
  6. i just use sole bend and stack my own heel blocks. the sole bend is more than hard enough for heels
  7. i like to tie my knots and buttons on a mandrel. then tighten it up. you gotta remember that it gets TIGHTER as you tighten it up!
  8. sorry for not checking on this. soooo busy at the shop!. ok, i'll list what i have in my ledger in front of me, the lasts are at the shop, so this list may be one or two wrong. i bought these lasts from Masters leather (El Paso) back in the mid to late '90s. most of them have not even been used. machinery lasts. plastic heel plate hinge dont know the pin size offhand, but its a little bit bigger than the vulcan pins (i think!) a couple have been built up, nothing thet couldnt be taken off style #0044 sizes 8,9,10,11,12 D these are for a 1 5/8" heel style #0055 sizes 5,6,7,8 B 9,10,11,12 D 10 1/2, 11 1/2 EE these are a U toe, for "Roper" style boots style #2533 sizes 5 1/2, 6 1/2 C 9 1/2, 10 1/2, 11 1/2, EE these are a R toe, the sizes run like a half size bigger than marked, cant figure THAT one! they were made in Mexico can give measurements if wanted, like i said, they are at the shop, would have to wait till this comming week. i''m asking $50.00 a pair
  9. have about 20 pair of Masters western boot lasts, some R toe, some J toe, 1 5/8" heel. some roper style,7/8 " heel. if there is any interest in them, i will list sizes and toe styles. just NO interest here in N.Y. for custom boots! gotta downsize if i want a new sewing machine
  10. go see the shoemaker. he can get it like 6"wide. i get mine from D-L Leather. in Utica, N.Y.
  11. i use Springfield and Weaver for ALL my leather and tools. the latigo and veg from Weaver is FLAWLESS!! cant say enough good about Kevin at Springfield and Paul at Weavers
  12. i too had gotten 20 ft. python skins from Cobos two differant times. this was back in the mid 90s. it was VERY reasonable in price too. i think i paid like 150.00 for a 6 to 7 meter skin. used to get 3-4 pair of boots per skin! ahh, those were the days!!! STILL got a 10ft. stash for the right time!! gotta love one piece vamps!!! they sure were nice skins, weren't they?
  13. joker, good to see ya over here! its me! shoes, from the shovel site!!! really good place here, joker. tons of good info. seem to be good folks here too
  14. yeah, just where DO you "find" those real cool findings?!?(pun intended!) i think "they"(whoever they are!) keep the cool hardware away from us! dirty dogs!
  15. just make it Charlene. when San Angelo Leather went out, i started making mine. 2-3oz. glovey chrome, #6 cord from Memphis Twine(or any heavy cord) glue it up, roll it over, trim it up. you can make up quite a few feet real fast, AND, its NOT vinyl!!!