Horsehide vs cowhide for holsters

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I've made holsters exclusively out of cowhide for years, but I'm wanting to try some horsehide. I understand some of the differences in horsehide being denser, more resistant to moisture, and not dyeing as evenly as cowhide. My question is whether I should expect an equivalent thickness in horsehide to have similar working characteristics as the same thickness in cowhide.

I've gotten pricing and ordering information from The Tannery Row, and they offer the russet horsehide strips in 5/7 oz or 7/9 oz. Should I expect the 7/9 oz horsehide to mold, bone, and hold it's shape pretty much the same as 7/9 oz Hermann Oak or Wickett and Craig, or is there a noticeable difference in temper, stiffness, or moldability oz for oz?

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