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  1. Headstall and slobber straps

    Just finished this headstall and slobber straps for a friend.
  2. Saddle 2

    Just finished building this saddle while attending Montana Horseman Saddle Building School. It is a 16" Flat Creek Packer with 3 1/2" wood post horn, 3 way rigging, brass hardware and a smooth finish. Built on a Timberline tree.
  3. Saddle #1

    rdl123: Thanks Ron. Enjoyed building the first one. Took some time - read some, build some…. Used the Stohlman books and my other saddles here on the place to make sure I was doing it right. May be time to go to saddle building school so I can really see what I honked up, besides the things I already know about. The actual riding of it will be for my wife - 14 1/2" seat fits her much better than it would me. Regards, Bill
  4. Saddle #1

    Pix from Saddle #1
  5. Saddle #1

    First saddle completed. A 14 1/2 seat on Heiser Saddlery tree I refurbished. Matching saddle bags to go with it. Will post pix after I can reduce their size...