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  1. Tooled Gun Rig

    That's right up my alley! Awesome work!!!
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the info guys! @JLS- Thanks man!!
  3. I have the JLS Leather pattern for the Glock 19, 23, 32. I recently have been called upon to make a holster for a Glock 22. I noticed on JLS's website the pattern is now listed as 17, 22, 31, 19, 23, 32. Are these pistols all the same size or is there a size/length option on the "new" pattern? Jeff, can you help a brother out?? Thanks!!
  4. Thanks! If your left side of brain controls your right side, and the right side controls the left, aren't left handed people the only ones in their right mind? Anyway, the texture on the sides was a pebble texture tool set I have. It leaves a texture a lot like stingray hide.
  5. Made myself a new holster for my Taurus PT92. I followed JLS's how to on laying out a 50/50 pancake. I'm happy with it. What do y'all think?
  6. That looks GREAT!!! Congrats!!
  7. Beautiful piece! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Latest His and Hers off the bench

    Beautiful work! And, that is one beautiful buckskin!!
  9. WOW!! Beautiful work, my friend! Thanks for sharing!! Jp