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  1. That looks GREAT!!! Congrats!!
  2. Beautiful piece! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Beautiful work! And, that is one beautiful buckskin!!
  4. WOW!! Beautiful work, my friend! Thanks for sharing!! Jp
  5. @Red Cent - Thanks for the suggestions. I made a quick "sketch" to see if I'm headed in the right direction. What do you think? @ Toney, Stu, and Bob - Thanks!!
  6. Very nice work. I've just got to get me a .45lc SAA......... It's a must! Thanks for sharing! Jp
  7. My first pancake style holster. S&W 9mm Model 459. Jp
  8. Looks really good. Nice job!
  9. I agree with Jeff and Mike. Slim it just a bit.
  10. Made this yesterday from my scrap pile. Thought I would share. Jp