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  1. Ladies long zipper purse

    Very Nice...
  2. Sewing heavy canvas to Leather

    Hi, I make a lot of canvas bags with leather attached to the bag. I use a CB-4500 with #277 thread. I use a Consew 225 for binding the inside of the bags. If you are going hand sew you can use Seamstick 3/8" basting tape for canvas from it works very well I can not make a bag without this tape. It depends on the leather that you are going to use on finishing the edges some softer leathers will not burnish very well. You can try to dye the edges then burnish the edges before you attach the leather to the bag. Hope this helps....
  3. The machine sews very well. The question I have is the top thread gets a little frayed when it goes into the feed dog and comes back up. I have checked to see if there is any rough spots on the feed dog and shuttle hook everything looks good. I am using 138 size thread and leather point needles. Is there any this I should check or is this just common with the older machine. I use the machine on my light leather and canvas work. Thanks
  4. You can make a speed reducer. I made one for my Consew 225 it works very well with a clutch motor. Under a $100.00.
  5. I just received an order today from Wickett & Craig . Two hides of English Bridle dark brown & black. First time ordering the Show Harness it is a very beautiful piece of leather. I going to use this on the motorcycle bags. Heavily waxed & oiled this will work great on the bags for the bikes..
  6. Hi battlemunky, That is Capone he is my buddy he will hang out in the basement with me when I am working on leather projects. He is a very cool dog my best friend. Thanks..
  7. Hi Scooby, I have 16 copper rivets that hold the handles on the bag, I use leather washers inside the bag to reinforce the the handles. I use these leather washers on my canvas bags. Thanks
  8. Just finished up this leather Duffel Bag. A good friend of mine called and asked if I wanted this white leather hide his work was going to throw it out. I told him I would take it and try to make something out of it. This bag used a -lot of leather. I will be able to make a few Tote bags and small item with the rest. I will try to sell this on Esty the only problem it is white not to many people want this color.
  9. This is a stock item it depends on how thick the material is that you are going to sew. The thickest material you can put through this binder is 1/4".
  10. Found this Consew 225 on Craigs List for a good price it is in very good shape.. I wanted a lighter machine so I could use it with a binder. I bought a number of binders off of eBay that didn't work. Contacted Tennessee Attachment and purchased this binder it works like a dream I use cotton twill for the binding. This saves me time on my light weight bags not having to double hem all the edges. I use the CB4500 to sew all the leather onto the canvas. Here is the Waxed Canvas Bag I just finished..
  11. Slap or blackjack ..

    I have been making Jack Saps for many years. I would sell them at Gun Shows as novelty items. These Saps are filled with lead shot and hand sewn. There is not a big demand for these in most states they are Illegal to carry but they are a very good self defense weapon.
  12. Singer 8-8 heavy duty

    That is very Cool I love these old machines...