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  1. Reata

    The Cowboy way, It is nice how they don't waste anything.... That is a very cool video...
  2. My hobby room

    Very Nice....
  3. Speed Reducer Quick-Release?

    Had some scrap angle a couple of pulleys ordered bearings and a shaft from eBay works very nice.
  4. Hi Don, The bag takes about 4 to 5 hours. If I have multiple orders and don't have to change the color thread the bags take about 3 hours. Thanks
  5. Hi dibbles, I sell the bags for $160.00 + $17.85 for shipping. I have an etsy shop and a website. 98% of my sales are on etsy the website doesn't do much. Thanks
  6. Hi garypl I get all my waxed canvas from Fairfield Textile they are in PA. The waxed canvas is # 10 Duck Martexin Original Wax "Plain Weave. I get all my Waxed Canvas from them they have been in business for 80 + years. There website Thanks
  7. I sew up these bags with a Cowboy CB-4500 that I got from Bob over at Toledo. I use #277 thread with the heavy waxed canvas this machine is great for all my heavy leather and canvas work. I just got a Consew 225 for the light leather work and binding the inside of some of my lighter canvas bags. I have a binder from Tennessee Attachment for the Consew this is a great company if you are looking for any kind of attachments for your machines. The leather on the bags is English Bridle from Wickett & Craig very nice leather.
  8. Leather briefcase I finished. I used English Bridle from Wickett & Craig.
  9. I use English Bridle 8 to 10 oz from Wickett & Craig. Their leather is the best. Thanks
  10. Finished up this Solo Bag for a Softail used my CB-4500. This is a very cool bike.
  11. Leather Jack Saps Filled With Lead Shot

    Made these Saps awhile back. I use lead shot to fill the Saps and hand sew with heavy thread. I sell these as novelty items at gun shows. I haven't had much time to hand sew lately. Busy making Waxed Canvas bags on the CB-4500.
  12. Consew 225 Need a little help.

    The problem was in the tension assembly on the Consew there was a pin that goes into the machine and another little pin in the tension assembly that needed cleaning and oiling. That is the only part of the machine I did not go through and clean and oil. Thank You for the info. The machine is working wonderfully now