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  1. Tech Sew 3650 HD

    That is a very nice Machine.
  2. Vintage style briefcase

    That is very nice..
  3. Leather Purse I Finished

    Finished up this leather purse used 8 to 10 oz English Bridle. There is a matte for quick release behind the Sam Brown. The strap is adjustable used a Sam Brown on the strap so I didn't have to use a buckle on the strap.
  4. That is a very nice design. I have been making jack saps for many years that is how I got started in leather. I always loved impact weapons. I sell these at gun shows as novelty items along with my gun belts. The state police never have said anything about them other then I wish I could still use these. The state I live in they are Illegal to carry. Nice work.....
  5. New Partnership for Tandy

    I am a little skeptical to on this one. Everyone needs to make money but when you farm out all your leather work are you really a leather Company?
  6. I used Sam Brown studs so the canvas bag can detach from the backpack.
  7. The leather is Dark Brown English Bridle 8 to 10oz from Wickett & Craig. The Canvas is #10 Duck Martexin Original. Had some scrap leather in the shop and decided to make a backpack.
  8. Hello from Eastern Europe :)

    Very Nice..
  9. I have attached a link where you can get Waxed Canvas This is a great company to work with if you need canvas. Thanks.
  10. Finished up this bag used heavy Waxed Canvas 18 oz with 8 to 10 oz English Bridle. The leather on the bag is 5 to 6 oz.