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  1. Prada-inspired Handbag

    One more question. How did you do the handles? I attempted to do some handles like that, but they failed miserably!! What’s your secret to the handles? What type of leather, thickness did you use?
  2. Prada-inspired Handbag

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Very well done. I showed my wife and she asked if you had a pattern for this beautiful piece of art. I like how you left the edges unpainted. It gives a contrast to it that makes it still very simple. Well done!!
  3. First commissioned project

    I was worried about that and did some extensive research. Fiebings Resolene waterproofs the leather. I put on multiple coats. It's stiffened it so it fit tightly around the frame. The strap that it's hanging from is more decorative. The real support is the wire in the back. It actually didn't take me that long. The longest part was letting the reaolene dry. I used almost an entire 4oz bottle of it!! Thank you.
  4. First commissioned project

    I was asked by a co-worker who was re-doing her guest bathroom for a leather mirror frame. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. My wife loves it so much, she wants me to make her one. Some more pics
  5. Wet formed bag tutorial

    I was wondering, do you have to use veg tan? Or can you use any type of tanned leather? I just don't want to try a different type and ruin some good leather.