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  1. Bag terminology help?

    Damn the stretchy leather really gets complex. And the perfection of your pattern for all those folded edges lining up is very impressive! I'd love to see the whole process but not at the expense of your deadlines or patience
  2. Bag terminology help?

    What is this edge type called again? And any tips on how to practice it?
  3. Another 3-Piece Body Tote Prototype

    The contrasting texture between the leather types looks good!
  4. Thank you. Once it's fully loaded it pretty darn close to the width of a store bought wallet at full capacity. It's just that height and length is insane no matter what. I think I only pulled off the French binding cause of the height of this wallet, it doesn't actually add width to the card slots!
  5. Thank you! I'm not sure what I would line at the moment, anything I could think up right now would create a ton of edge painting that I'm not sure I want to get into. Hmm maybe next would be skiving and folding over edges to hide the chrome tan pigskin lining...
  6. I think I have seen boat shoe stitching videos that did a saddle stitch before. Do you already have a pattern to go by?
  7. Thanks mutt! Yeah I thought I had figured everything out in the pre production but I ended up changing the design multiple times during the construction. And then half way through learned, here on another thread, I could have just bought him an English pound sized wallet?
  8. Grandpa wanted an extra large bifold that can hold all his stuff, including prescriptions. It's huge. Way bigger than anything I would have accepted to work on, except this was grandpa asking. He also requested a pull tab for his most used card. No finger prints left after a life time of farm work so he has trouble with most regular card slots. so: 3 regular card slots. 2 extra large card slots. 1 pull tab slot. 2 large wing pockets. 1 very large bill slot. Used this project to try french binding, skiving and multiple layers of edge painting; all for the first time. I'm probably only happy with 70% of the stitches. I really need to get better with awl use. Outside is a 4/5 oz veg tan(grandpa wanted durable but really I should have gone thinner), dark brown is a mystery veg tan my uncle gave me that burnishes surprisingly well, and the black is glazed pig skin from tandy(soooo also mystery). Poly thread. Tandy edge flex and sanding and edge flex and sanding and edge and sanding and polishing, etc etc. I did them so many times and still never got the results I wanted. Layers upon layers. Oh well, should be durable. That's 12 layers of leather when not counting the t-slots and folded over edges. Really I think grandpa needs a zippered wallet or something. Or maybe 2 slim wallets. One for medical info and another money and phone numbers he can't remember. Critique away. I need to start cutting up the pigskin into a million card slots I guess. Not sure what else I'd want to use it on.
  9. Thank so much paul. I was about to start researching if any ingredients of hair skin products might be similar to the oil conditioners we use
  10. Agreed, for myself. Still not sure how to make sure others worry about moisture and oiling and still want a particular product though. (Probably a separate thread but Small baby cousin isn't so small anymore and finishing hair stylist school soon. Would love to make a scissor holder that would last a lifetime, but I can practically see their eyes glaze over with the leather care instructions)
  11. Will it need to bend? Havn't tried yet but I have read that multiple light coats need to be applied, bending slightly and making tiny cracks in the paint. Each new layer fills and blends the thousands of tiny cracks so they aren't visible as a single big crack in the paint job.
  12. very nice alpha!
  13. Just a little curious...

    33? I've never been good with remembering ages. Or birthdays.