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  1. Mind if I jump in here and ask a question. I didn't see it addressed in the video. Do you punch the stitch holes through the cloth zipper lining edge(or use the stitching awl to pierce) after gluing it to leather, or do you punch the stitch holes in the leather first and just let the needle be the only thing that pierces the zipper material?
  2. Just hand tools for wet firming? It's really clean looking. I'm really impressed!
  3. can I ask about your wetforming? Did you not use a negative mold to press the edges down?
  4. I just saw this 90* angle on the edging and wanted to mention it, just in case you have any inside or in a load bearing spot. With your inside-out pocket design you are probably covered.
  5. if I'm seeing it correctly, if not, feel free to ignore any inner corners(90* or more acute angles) should be made with a sharp round punch. I'll look for a pic to demonstrate. edit: here is a tandy example
  6. I used couch leather I skinned to line the inside layer of this bifold. It's wrapped around rfid blocking paper. But I had to find other leathers for outside and pockets. I would suggest do some edge tests. I was not happy with my edges on this but without a better plan just had to keep going
  7. This is a project I probably need to try. I need to learn a lot of the skills involved. Great job!
  8. I was curious about veg tan tooling leathers. They aren't all full grain are they?
  9. Thanks. I guess I'll have to see how well a lining will stay without being stitched in place.
  10. Huh, so basically they staple it. Not what I was expecting. Still, there must be a way to use regular saddle stitches.
  11. Thanks. Machine stitching is fine rubbing against skin but I'm having trouble finding examples of how other sandals hide hand made details
  12. I'm really impressed with the gusset corners!
  13. That image does not show how the buckle is held in place on the leather that is against the skin. Is it a loop stitched or riveted across the buckle's center post?
  14. But how does birkenstock attach the buckles?
  15. Oh yeah! Lots of lessons. Technically this is my second pair but the first ones were actually wearable. These are, but I want to do better.