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  1. Overcoming a buzzkill?

    The economy or space and the thoughtfulness of daily use is amazing. Their bag designs as well. I'm just blown away with the simplistic looking but overly engineered of it all. also don't look closer at mine! it won't hold up
  2. In the middle of some wallet projects as gifts But I just came across https://srcc.store And now I'm so impressed by their designs I'm pissed. Legitimately upset how good those are. How well thought out all of their products are.
  3. Briefcase -satchel

    Dang that is well thought out! I see where I made mistakes on mine and you didn't, and I think I was 2 years into leather as a hobby
  4. Hair on hide tote with blood knots and cow horn

    beautiful and beautifully done. I don't think I've seen blood knots on lined leather before, it looks great. Love those 3d printed feet too
  5. Debunking “grades of leather”

    I just saw some desert boots labeled "nubuck full grain" and thought of your post. Also the nubuck you sent is great! Wasn't sure which we ended up with so I wasn't sure which thread to post my thanks into. I think I'm going to try and make a rough cloth pattern before I cut ant of it up
  6. Briefcase using Sedgwick

    Well done!
  7. Knife sheath for middleearth style knife

    Beautifully done!
  8. daaaaaaang that is so well done in every way!
  9. Invisible stitch from both sides of leather

    I think I have seen this before, just not applied to leather. Is it this stitch?
  10. key button thingy name?

    I keep wondering if I could just use an 8-10 oz piece for the key retaining bit thing
  11. Anyone know what to even call the little tab that holds the keys on the elastic cord? let alone where they might be purchased? Thanks everyone
  12. So I found out today that someone who I've made a couple leather items for, is going to be buried with them. Only a couple of years of casual leather work but I managed to make somethings useful enough to become that engrained. It kinda helps in saying goodbye knowing you were a part of their daily life.
  13. Makes sense. And the pocket itself should hold the wallet closed so nothing falls out, even when lined with smooth leather.
  14. Mutt, how do you think this wallet style would function if you put 1 fold in the dollar bill before inserting it and chopped off the 1/3rd on the right? I really like the design, but I can't stop thinking about minimizing the amount of leather used. I think I'm going to try an open sided next. I was trying to have a certain amount of slots and the wallet still be short enough my fingers/thumnb could squeeze the middle open. I think what I need to do is commit to shortening it by a slot or lengthening so the existing amount of slots lay flatter(and open the end like yours).