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  1. This seems to be it? https://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=191010&page=5&highlight=vendetta
  2. Very talented woman

    Ah that zipper installation makes so much more sense now! Thanks for this
  3. So Cal leather splitter/skiver?

    test test edit: looks good, instantly posted. thanks
  4. So Cal leather splitter/skiver?

    Thanks for explaining all that Wizcrafts! Since there is interest I'll move this to pm's and get better pictures, as well try a sub forum for whatever thick stuff I have left after splitting.
  5. So Cal leather splitter/skiver?

    Ontario, which forms a triangle with LA and orange county? Going to disneyland any time soon?
  6. So Cal leather splitter/skiver?

    They are so close I'm half afraid I may ask for a job
  7. So Cal leather splitter/skiver?

    Yeah I might have to try a trade. I just looked and Leather Machine Co isn't listed in Highland, but in my own town of Ontario??? This will be my next thing to investigate if Leather Machine Co doesn't work out. Any idea what square inches/feet pieces can be split there?
  8. So Cal leather splitter/skiver?

    Thanks, I'll ask about the demo machine. Too soon for me to buy a machine since I don't plan on being able to afford bulk leather purchases, especially in weights I don't already have a use planned out for.
  9. Anyone have access or services? My uncle gave me 2 hides of armor thick leather that I have no idea what to do with at their current weight. Are there any options reasonably nearby for thinning them into usable sections? Thanks, Mike
  10. That really was so helpful to see. It'll be helpfull again in a couple days when I forget it all and need to reread it. Thanks for posting all of this!
  11. Motorcycle bag

    Very nicely done
  12. Beautifully done and explained. Makes me want to try your steps, I should just get some zipper practice in first.
  13. Overcoming a buzzkill?

    The economy or space and the thoughtfulness of daily use is amazing. Their bag designs as well. I'm just blown away with the simplistic looking but overly engineered of it all. also don't look closer at mine! it won't hold up