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  1. Repair Manuals

    Found this Consew page with all the manuals. Many will cross over to other identical brands.
  2. Mitsubishi DU-105

    Same as a Consew 255RB. Here is a wealth of info on it.
  3. Gum tragacanth is the same thing as gum karaya Or Wilton Gum-Tex for making gum paste flowers for cakes. It costs about $8 anywhere they sell Wilton cake decorating supplies. Gum tragacanth goes by 4 different names, but all are the same exact thing. Just mix the powder with water and save yourself $30.
  4. 8283E2A2-607D-4ACA-A27E-0181DD86B138.jpeg

    The treadle is a Singer 29K patcher. I have one identical to it . You can get anywhere from $900.00 to $1,500.00 for it if it is working.
  5. I'm looking for patterns to make all of the leather gear from the civil war. Can anyone help me out? Jeff