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  1. Which regad edge tool?

    I am looking for a head for a regad creaser I am going to purchase. I need to use it to create a groove for the stitching. I want it to be approximately 4mm from the edge. I am using .6mm tiger thread. Will one of the FN series work? Most everything I see only goes up to 3mm from the edge.
  2. Gluing leather and fabric

    I am using 2 different types of leathers, bison - which stretches, and another type (trade secret....) that is very thin about 1.5 oz. I am trying to use one on each side for parts of the design. I have found that using adhesive makes the thin leather dimple especially where it folds. My idea was to use an interfacing between then two. So would I just be using interacing (probably heat n bond) instead of any type of adhesive? I will be hand sewing and using fenice edge paint as well. This is for wallets and other small items. Other parts of the design I will use adhesive.
  3. when you polish with wax, what exactly are you using?
  4. awesome, I think that might work. thank you
  5. Hi all, I am new to leathercraft. I am wanting to make a valet tray that snaps/buttons together. Unfortunately the thickness of the material is only 2oz. My idea was to glue it to another type of leather, increasing the thickness and making it more sturdy. This would then allow it to be reversible. So: 1. Since this won't get heavy usage like a wallet - will I be ok just gluing the two pieces together and then properly burnishing the edges? 2. I wanted to use double ended buttons and holes then it would allow for a reversible build. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this hardware? Thank you.