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  1. Please add me. Thanks
  2. Well I finally got this glob of glue out of the container. Soaking in thinner didn't do much, but made a mess. So to plan B, Took container and placed in in the Texas Sunshine for several days. Really cooked it good. It became a solid mass of glob with some flexibility. A flat tip screwdriver and some elbow grease, Started at the edges and worked the mass into a ball form. Lifted off the sides and bottom with no residue. Nice and clean inside now. A lesson was learned here. Do more projects, Use different glue container with an airtight lid of some sort. Thanks for the advice guys.
  3. Thanks Mattsbagger, I'll check it out now.
  4. Thanks for the tips, I have it soaking in Paint thinner now. Will update on the results. I'm on day one now with the soak. Couldn't find Barge reducer anywhere.
  5. Well, Seems that I got side tracked with other chores around the house. Been busy and have not been out to the shop lately. Went to use the glue and behold, the brush applicator was stuck in the pot. Glue was thicker than dried molasses. Darn near solid substance. ( Barge glue of course ) Could someone please advise me on how to clean this mess. Are there any chemicals that would dissolve glue? Any Help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. First I have to figure out how to get the top off. Thanks. How do you guys keep your glue fresh?
  6. When to put machine in reverse?

    To answer some comments, Thanks for the advice. I made an inside carry holster the other day. I used the method of putting the machine in Rev while the needle was on the up stroke, but still in the leather piece. It did result in a much cleaner stitch. I'll continue to use this procedure. On the comment of using a lighter thread on the bobbin, seems like a good method. I've heard of that before. Might be a time to change. The Tension procedure seems like it would work, because the loops were always on the bottom piece. Will give that one a try. Again Thanks for the advice. ( I'll attach pics next time, Like they say, Pics or it didn't happen.)
  7. Needing pattern for Buck 110 and 112

    I found some interesting sheaths on Youtube for your project. Some of them were very detailed. Hope this helps some.
  8. When to put machine in reverse?

    Thanks for the reply guys. I'll use that method of putting the machine in Reverse when the needle has caught the loop, and has not left the leather piece. Again thanks.
  9. Hello to all, The situation is when locking my stitch. It seems no matter when I use reverse the stitches always seem to get knotted up. I've tried putting in Rev. when the needle is down all the way, Same thing happens. Tried it with needle up all the way, still same results. I'm using Cowboy 3200, 277 thread top and bottom. The results are ugly. Can someone please advise me on the proper procedure for locking stitches. Thanks. ( only on the backside of leather piece )
  10. Howdy from Texas

    Welcome neighbor.
  11. holster

    I like the design, Nice work, Probably need a microscope to find the errors.
  12. Looks nice, Simple yet functional, like the lacing.
  13. Nice work, I like it.
  14. Nice work. They look comfortable and functional.
  15. What is this?

    Thanks Guys, Would never guessed it was for removing staple stitches. Guess that piece will go on my oddities shelf.